Microsoft Office 2010 product Key. Where to buy?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by EX_STAB, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. My company laptop has died and my personal one only has the Microsoft Office "starter" package on it. Apparently the "full" package is already installed but needs a licence key. I can find no way of checking which version of Office 2010 is installed though (home, professional etc).

    I need the full version of Excel as I use VBA and other features the basic one doesn't have.

    What's the cheapest way of updating it?

    Going direct to Microsoft I'm offered:

    Home and Student (This has all the programs I need assuming[i/] it is a full version of Excel.) £99.
    Small business (Has some extra guff I don't need) £190
    Professional (More guff I don't need plus Access) £300 (If I needed a database I don't think Access would be my starting point)

    Excel to buy on its own is £110.

    I can find product keys for less but how to tell if they are bogus? Here's one for example:

    Cheap but is it OK?

    All help gratefully received.
  2. Got the link from my Dii terminal, forwarded it to my home pc as advised & Bob was my fathers brother!
  3. If you don't want to pay, I believe that libreoffice (Home » LibreOffice) is compatible with VBA macros, and can save to .docx formats, so its compatible with all your old excel files. It's also free (and legal, as its on the GNU license). Worth considering.
  4. Hmm...looks like openoffice repackaged.
  5. I think it's an offshoot or rebrand- came with my new OS, and I've had no problems with compatibility thus far.
  6. I always use OpenOffice on my netbook, free and virtually identical to MS Office, I saved the icons on my desk top and re-named each file to Word/PowerPoint/excel etc (easier to remember what they are)
  7. I installed it and its quite good. It is obviously an offshoot of openoffice, as you say, but seems to be better.
  8. After the takeover of Sun Microsystems Oracle pulled all the free and open source stuff (including OpenOffice and free Solaris) for some reason. The result is that OpenOffice is indeed rebranded as LibreOffice and even worse Solaris 11 is now forked as Oracle continues development at the same time as an independent group of mainly ex Sun ppl continues work with the free version of the OS
  9. I've just been on the website and Open Office is STILL free to down load, they don't seem to have pulled anything? Where do you get your info?
  10. I got my info from the horse's mouth (I worked at Sun and then Oracle as it later became before retirement) and what I said was indeed the case at the time of the takeover (April 2010 in the EU - the takeover completed earlier in the US). I have checked what you say and Open Office is indeed free to download again but I see that it is now part of the The Apache Software Foundation. I can only assume that Oracle decided to pass it on to Apache at a later date, perhaps because of complaints - who knows the reason. I see that Apache took it on in June of this year.

    Anyway the good news is that it is still there and the bad news is that this is something else that has been forked.

    Wikipedia says:
    This is partly true - It was indeed pulled, if only for a while.

  11. MICROSOFT Office Home and Student 2010 at cheap prices | PC World

    according to the product description page it has word excel and a few other bits so should cover your needs, the bonus being since its home and student you dont need to qualify for student licencing caveats, they also do a 3 pc licnce version for 85 quid if you need it for more than one home machine

    MICROSOFT Office Home and Student 2010 at cheap prices | PC World
  12. Has anyone got the internet link for DOBUS? he can get it there for 17 quid