Microsoft office 2003/2007

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by devilish, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know where I can get a, ahem, copy of this for free?

    Ideally one that actually works.
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    tried open office instead?
  3. I have a copy. PM me.
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

  5. PM sent smudge.
  6. Anyone got a (free) copy of Visio per chance ?
  7. Yes this still works, received mine last weekend for £16.95.
    You can also get visio but that is another £16.95.
  8. Agreed and it is a bargain but it is massively over-engineered for what I want and it isn't the same version as on DII/F; I would have preferred the older version!

    I hate the 2007 version of Excel!

  9. Excel 07 is useless and can't do maths; don't use it for anything important unless you feel like going through the whole spreadsheet correcting the formulas. Wait a bit for Office 08
  10. Office 08 is an application for Apple Macs. It's pretty much the same as Office 07 but without the totally unnecessary and frustrating ribbon bar thing. There won't be an Office 08 for Windows because it's already 2009.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    You'd be astonished (or not, of course, if you've been here/here at the moment) at the range of hookey software available in Afgh for a few bucks - Office, Visio, AutoCad, DreamWeaver, etc., plus all the graphics progs you could imagine. Not that I'd ever buy anything like that, of course (well, not when there's $2 DVDs that is).

    I could not of course countenance the purchase of use of anything like this.

    PM me if you need anything urgently :)
  12. I've now used Word 2007 - and hate it. Just selecting Landscape took me 20 minutes and I couldn't easily replicate it!

    Why did I not visit my local fair and buy an old Office 2003 disk?!


  13. On word it took me ages to work out how to switch off the double spacing after starting a new line.
  14. Litotes PM sent
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Don't press 'Enter'. Word processors are not your father's typewriter ;)