Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Does anyone or has anyone played this game before?

Alot of people say it is one of the next best things to flying a real aircraft. Obviously a pilot here who has used the software could tell me first hand if this is the case.

The latest issue of the software is Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

I have played an earlier version before and it does seem very real. Very much unlike the usual 'simulator' games around and much more like a training package to be installed into one of those massive replica cockpits you see in multimillion pound training facilities.

So have you played it? And what do you think of it?
Ya I've bought it for my son and it's shit Hot

I got him Flight Sim FX
he added Flight deck himself and he now flys off Carriers etc
Graphic's are equal to non!

You have to use a third party to get on the 'net - Gamespy
(why microsoft don't do it I'll never know?)

You can talk to each other using Skype as you fly various missions all over the world

Believe me this is the Dogs Bo**ocks mate!
I am downloading microsoft flight simulator x as we speak.

I find it amazing that you can fly realtime anywhere in the world! It's like a dream.

Maybe i should start training on this, ready for pilot training with the army!
Some kit you can buy for your new flight simulator... I nearly fell of my chair looking at the radio stacks, instrument panels, yokes and other kit you can buy, which all hook up to your PC.

Obviously all depends on your budget, but a man can dream!!!
once youve got it get over to or Bill Gates boys leave the Flsight sim serious open to 3rd party input. You can buy extras for it but to be honest the number of 3rd party addons for free is simply staggering. Scenery and aircraft etc etc. I am a true Flightsim geek having started all the way back in the 80's on a spectrum !
I moved to an Apple mac over three ago and this is the only application I miss. The apple version 'X' Plane is not a patch on the MS sim.
Thats the reason not to use crappy Mac OS :)
WW2 Combat flight sim was always good for a blast I'll have a look at this sim x as I'm needing something new to get mt tusks into
Its a complete bitch to get it set up to run right on a low end system. It runs better under XP than it does Vista. And make sure you get a good graphics card, lots of ram and a good processor before you even try to install it. And when you do, make sure you defrag everytime you install a major addon, since it seems to be necessary to help everything load quickly.

But... apart from all that, its excellent even out of the box. With the accelleration pack that adds the F18 and the Merlin its even better. Other 3rd party stuff worth buying is the Level D 767, which near fully simulates a Boeing 767 airliner, and the Realair Spitfire, which does an excellent job of of replicating the MkIX and MkXIV spitfires. You even have to use the priming pump and the push start to get the engine running. :wink:

Best one of all is the digital photographic terrain you can buy for the UK. Hard to setup to work right, but when it does you can fly at 4000 feet and it looks completely real.
Il-2 Sturmovik is a laugh- set on the Russian front during WW2. You can pick it up cheap as chips (bought my copy in Morrisons for 6 quid) as it's a couple of years old now but is still realistic, bloody good fun and easy to just jump in to and play. There's still a sizable multi player community (which is testimony to it's greatness) and has a couple of good add ons including the Pacific Campaign. More here:
If your looking for a casual flight then FSX is second to none. I also recommend going and buying a computer that enables it to run at full spec because it is amazing. If like me you already have a computer that runs it at full spec then happy days, take to the skies.

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