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Any Excell guru's in today?
I am struggling to find out why one of the cells in a squadding sheet I am doing for a Bisley meeting will not show me what I have typed in it; it comes up on the task bar at the top and I can see what I have written there but doesn't show in the cell itself.
I have tried Excel "Help" but can not find what I am looking for.

Thoughts Ladies and Gentlemen?


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Could it be something as simple as the text colour being set to White?

Check in the cell formatting.
is the box big enough to show the text?
have you accidentally turned the text colour white?


Try reformatting that cell. Highlight the cell then right click or use the tool bar to FORMAT CELLS. Alignment could cause a problem in a few cases, set to centre and then see if turning on/off warp text box does the trick.

hope this helps.
Yep it was that simple! :oops:

Thanks guys, I have been tearing my hair out with this since I came home tonight and had more entries to squad.

Your all stars. :D

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