Microsoft Excel

Any Excell guru's in today?
I am struggling to find out why one of the cells in a squadding sheet I am doing for a Bisley meeting will not show me what I have typed in it; it comes up on the task bar at the top and I can see what I have written there but doesn't show in the cell itself.
I have tried Excel "Help" but can not find what I am looking for.

Thoughts Ladies and Gentlemen?
Try reformatting that cell. Highlight the cell then right click or use the tool bar to FORMAT CELLS. Alignment could cause a problem in a few cases, set to centre and then see if turning on/off warp text box does the trick.

hope this helps.
Yep it was that simple! :oops:

Thanks guys, I have been tearing my hair out with this since I came home tonight and had more entries to squad.

Your all stars. :D

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