Microsoft Dynamics and .net

We are a small but fast growing telecommunications company that have evolved but using disparate systems over the past 5 or 6 years; we now want to make a significant investment of integrating various platforms to give us a good working solution and based around Dynamics that will help our business grow over the next 5 years. We are also just about to start a new subsidiary company that is dedicated to supporting armed service personnel

You are an experienced MCP and have at least 3 years of track record of working with Dynamics and .net writing API’s to link with other systems such as Sage and other 3rd party platforms, particularly linking Outlook, Word, Excel and Dynamics. It’s imperative that you can show on both your CV, at interview and through references that you have written the code and produced solutions that integrate existing activities that might be using disparate Word and Excel documents and have them work from within Dynamics, and that you have written the links to share information to and from Dynamics to 3rd party systems such as Sage, banking services and other platforms.

Ideally you will live in or around Bristol or the South West and be available to take up a position with immediate effect; we’d consider using a direct contractor as an alternative. Any candidate with a current or former armed services background would enjoy a distinct advantage over other candidates; this position is also an ideal opportunity that could easily fit anyone who has been severely injured while in theatre.

We’d also be willing to look at someone who has recently cross-trained into IT and Dynamics that is looking for that first break into a real job in IT and systems.

Small team, great people, good office and when you see what we’re trying to achieve you’ll defo want this job. If you know anyone with such skills either on here or elsewhere please share this with them.

Salary: to £30-35,000 or would consider using a contractor with the above skills and experience.

Please PM me to apply for the role.
Morning all - just wanted to ask if any of your know anyone with these skills if you could share this opportunity with them that would be really appreciated.

Its really important to us to find the right person - that individual must have a strong affinity to the armed services; we think they'll find this job really satisfying as a lot of what we're hoping to achieve will deliver a lot of money to good causes.

Any help much appreciated