Microsoft advise everyone to not use Internet Explorer


Users are being told to avoid using Internet Explorer until Microsoft patches a serious security hole in it.

The loophole is being exploited to open a backdoor on a PC that could let criminals take control of a machine.

The threat of infection is so high because the code created to exploit the loophole has somehow been placed on many popular websites.

Experts say the list of compromised sites involves banks, auction and price comparison firms and is growing fast.
I second that one. Firefox is excellent and all normal stuff is available - google tool bar etc.
i use Avant with a built in Pop up stopper
Why worry! Whatever browser you are using has loopholes that can be exploited, especially if you allow scripts to run. Use a good firewall to minimise the risks and keep it updated.

Good housekeeping has meant that I've thankfully mangaed to keep the problems that I have experienced to a minimum.

Don't always trust anti-spyware programs - I've used some that complained about a couple of files that turned out ot be needed for a game!
From C-Net;

"The attack, which had turned some Web sites into points of digital infection, was nipped in the bud Friday, when Internet engineers managed to shut down a Russian server that had been the source of a malicious code. Compromised Websites are still attempting to infect Web surfers' PCs by referring them to the server in Russia, but that computer can no longer be reached."

"Web Site Virus Attack Blunted"

I seem to recall reading that Russian hackers managed to abscond with the Windows source code, or part of it.

I don't believe that today's episode was perpetrated by a clever sixteen year old kid or motivated by chuckles.

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