Microsoft Admits *ALL* Xbox360s Are Defective

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jaybee2786, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Microsoft Admits *ALL* Xbox360's Are Defective - After many months of public complaints and outcries, Microsoft has publically admitted that *ALL* (as in every single one ever sold) Xbox 360's have a design defect that can lead to their failure. I just hope Microsoft doesn't conclude that a 3 year extended warranty is "good enough" to address this issue.
  2. Microsoft itself is defective so by default everything it produces will be in one way or another :) :twisted:
  3. "The firm will extend the warranty coverage from one to three years to compensate consumers, but does not plan to instate a recall or exchange programme."

    Damn, so we can't exchange it for another faulty one! Never had this kind of problem with the ZX Spectrum 8O
  4. They havent admitted anything cos if they did they'd get their arse sued off them.

    They've just upped the warranty instead.
  5. Microsoft gaming chief Robbie Bach claimed in a conference call with financial analysts that the design issues surfaced recently.

    "In the past couple of months we started to see significant increases in repair requests and call requests and significant attention from people," he said.
    Microsoft did not disclose the exact nature of the problems, but said that it had made the necessary design changes and that units currently in stock will be upgraded.

    The extended warranty period is limited to hardware failures indicated by three flashing red lights on the console. Users of consoles suffering from such problems are entitled to free repairs and shipping.

    And which bit dont you understand
  6. Legally they've not admitted anything.
  7. I like them for their game play and graphics, but technically they are abit sh!t.
    My mate got one at Christmas '06 by Febuary it had been taken back to the shop and replaced because it had swallowed a CD up and burnt rings into other ones. Now the new one has burnt rings into the games and gears of war no longer works :cry:
    I think they are going to take it back again and get their money back to buy a Wii instead.
  8. The xbox360 scratches games if you move the console with a game in the tray.

    I buy the scrathed games for a few quid each off ebay, and polish the disk with brasso to remove the scracthes from the disk.