Micro Management No more please SIR !!!

Something that is a massive burning issue here........I have had some good bosses, some shite ones.....but at the end of the day I would like to offer some advice to potential OC's and current OC's - Get out of your offices (instead of upsetting the monkeys that do all of the work....) and have a look around at what your boys and girls do. The first thing we should do for this man's army is to appreciate what people do. That's why we have a great reputation in the British Army.....but let's not loose it.

I am all for Inspections, Show parades, drill and all the bullshite that you should get but, micro-management is a big problem. The guys are capable of doing the job they have been doing for years. I wish OC's who take such an interest in their soldiers work from behind their own desks would actually go out on the ground and spend a day with your troops and see what they do.

You and they would be appreciated more. Understand the work they have and what little resources they have to do it. They surely teach you this at the factory eh! Criticisms will be well accepted, there are some good eggs out there, but from experience and all my troops there are more bad ones. The next time you look in the mirror....ask yourself 'Do your people enjoy coming to work anymore'.......


You have got to be taking the piss.

Either that or you live in a VERY strange world. In most units you can't get the officers and seniors OFF the tank park.
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