Micro management Bad or a necessary Evil ?

After reading some of the comments on the 21 sigs site i wondered whether these were the actions(ie charles oscar vor park escapade) of a control freak or the seniors and officers in the regt just not doing their jobs properly?
:D Ah reelay, there are all different ways to run a ship and we all have the best idea !!!!! Wait till your there and answer your question then.

Anyhow even I'm tired of 21 Sigs threads so lets let the rest of the corps get a mention !!!!!!!

Is there anybody still in the western Isles on some lonely listening post who is bored of looking at sheep who wishes to comment ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
we have been on 21 for a while now but lets be fair, its gone from the golden ticket posting to the short straw.
not for many years have i seen such a drastic change in such a short time.
EXAMPLE: speed limit used to be 20mph, CO turns up and says "lets make it 30mph!" lads and lasses say "yaaaay at last" CO then cracks out an evil laugh and orders 5 more ultra large speed ramps!!
what is the point? how many people have been hit by a car on camp?
i see what you're saying but my poor old car just cant negotiate those K2 like climbs!!

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