Micro fibre towel

Am going trecking in SE Asia for a few weeks and decided to get a micro fibre towel until I saw the cost! £23 FFS.

Anybody have a spare issue one? Will pay or put a decent donation into the next forces charity pot I see.
have you looked in Millets? I bought a friend one for £21.99 - it was "giant" size. It is not really that expensive if you think you will be able to use it for years on camping trips, beach holidays, trekking etc
Where are you based? There's a place in London out in Surrey Quay that does them for £6 or £7. Damned good quality, too. Decathlon, or something?
Embarrassed to say I never even thought to look on Ebay. Not Scottish, just tight. Just got a 16”X24” Microfibre towel in the pound shop!

Thanks you all.
are you a midget???????????

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