Mick Thompson, Where Are You

Looking round for that overweight, bald, Northern Irish hooligan who has shared a few beers with me in my time (Oakington, Detmold,NI and one memorable occasion in Netheravon, where he managed to p*** off some high ranking t****r on the phone by interrupting an int brief to ask for a lift back to camp!)   Any info gratefully received.   Cheers.
Last heard of about two/three years ago living in N.Yorks working with computers.   I don't know where he is but his beloved was working as a serving nurse, Catterick BMH ward 3, or whatever they call it these days.   Hope this helps, if not, I can find out for by other means.   CD, his life long partner in crime, is still serving and will know where he is.
:)Many thanks, sloppy link.   No doubt someone will be able to let me know.   Perhaps his partner in crime might be able to contact me, to verify my honourable intentions...........ie to go and get p***ed and watch the chap perform!
Last saw him a few years ago at a Gulf reunion at MW.  He was with his partner (wife?), a serving Major, and as previously posted, a nurse to boot.

e-mail me if you do not have the whereabouts of CD, and I will put you in touch.  CD running a little show with some grey planks nowadays, if that helps!


That wouldn't be CD as in C***S D******Y now, would it ?
If so I have been trying to track the little tinker down for some time. If it is said deviant could I please have a contact number or address ?!
If it isn't said numpty then forget it.
CD is in fact with the Junior Service flying those bloody noisy things that have been in service for 40 years or so and fly out of a secret airbase in Oxfordshire. That should be enough information to track him dowm. Thompson, however I am afraid I cannot help with.

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