Mick jagger

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ex-dvr1, Dec 12, 2003.

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  1. i would have thought clive woodward would have been next for a knighthood or doesnt real achievement count?.....
  2. even clive woodward..but no sorry he is the manger/coach it is what talent is availble at the time.. just my POV ..bu there again what would i know about talent..i'm a jock :D
  3. I've always been against musicians/actors/sportsmen getting honours like this: the bastards are overpaid prima donnas as it is, like that big puff smelton john
  4. i always thought that mick jagger is a cnut and should start dating women of his own age for once instead girls young enough to be his daughter to the point where its so embarassing :roll:

    he is also a 2 faced prima donna who postponed the date so it doesn't clash with other people more famous than him , if i was the queen i would have told him to come on this date or don't get your knighthood and fcuk off by the way
  5. Bang on. Ol' Keith Richards has the measure of this particular dozy cocaine addled OAP. Old rockers never die - they just end up conforming.
  6. I thought it was just me who is angry about this. What has Jagger done for this country? Does he doing anything for charity? Does he hoard his millions? I agree with Shotgun. The likes of the famous getting this type of award for being famous is wannk. Everyday in Britain (and the world), there's hero's doing work that they don't get any recognition for. Doctors looking for the cure for cancer. Tireless charity workers. Nurses working double shifts in A&E. Etc, the list is long. It would be nice to know if Jagger contributes something back to this country, apart from keeping the music business in, business.
  7. This cropped up elsewhere, and please forgive me for repeating myself, but sadly, I think you're right in criticising this award. There's a reason for it, which curiously you won't find many parallels for in other European or Western countries. It's the same reason which puts a pile of poo on a pedestal in Trafalgar Square (whichever of the six(?) piles of poo they choose, it really makes no difference), and the same reason why awful, ugly, unpleasant and depressing rubbish is feted as 'art' at the Tate Modern, and wins prizes in Turner's name. It's the same reason why the most respected traditions of the country are increasingly treated with contempt and derision, and the reason why the United Kingdom is loathed by an increasing number of its' denizens, many of whom seem to feel no sort of loyalty towards its' institutions. It is undoubtedly the same reason why a government which places a spurious quality of 'modernisation' before the professional and personal needs of the people in the Armed Forces - and presumably feels that the population will somehow benefit thereby - is in power.

    Singers of popular songs, actors and other people whose calling is to entertain treat themselves to so many 'awards' cermonies that it's hard to turn on the box in the corner without seeing some pill handing over a meaningless statuette to another pill. Jagger and his ilk (I like his act, mind) should be content with that sort of performance. Unless they have enhanced the quality of our lives by the sort of standards set by our best academics, entrepreneurs, businessmen and public servants, they should not expect to be recognised with them. Particularly if they clearly hold such awards so lightly, and their manners are so abysmal as to turn up at the Palace in trainers.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Don't be too rought on the fat poof Smelton, the poor little lamb's now got 'a strange wasting disease.' Of course his PR mob have called it something different, they claim he's got some form of metal poisoning. I think they could well be right.

    Apparently his quack found traces of Mercury up his arrse... :?

  9. Tosser turned up at the palace in a suit and trainers.... jail him they weren't even bulled!

    Big lipped freak
  10. So, without sounding like an anarchist, you mean that celebrities (and the like) live in their own little world, oblivious to the fact that when the common person (you and me) look in, all we see is egotistic, spoilt, prima donnas, wrapped up in their own self importance?
  11. The thought never entered my head. I saw a lot of egotistic, spoilt, prima donnas wrapped up in their own self importance chasing gongs when I was in the service, mind.
  12. ah but is the rolling stones one of tone's fav groups?
  13. It entered my head. Some of them need to come back down to Earth.
  14. Wait for it. One of these days, says I, we'll see Boy George or someone like him ennobled for the simple reason that he (?) represents a 'minority' group. ......and then I realised that we already have a few of those: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/1047062.stm. Not that I have anything much against homosexuals, or Indians, or people who open their boiled eggs from the wrong end. I just don't think that these qualities or traits form a reasonable justification for placing them in the legislature over people with (for instance) advanced legal qualifications. Nor do I think that being able to sing in tune is any basis for an OBE. Tone obviously does, though; that's the New Labour Project all over.