Mick Fraser Goes To Iraq

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by OldRedCap, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Good on him.

    A brave chap who never allowed his illness to get in the way and didn't make a fuss about it.
  2. :thumleft: Triumphing over adversity - good stuff! All the best, WO1 (RSM) Fraser, if you're reading this.
  3. Quite an inspiration
  4. Fair do's to the guy...but 17 years in the job WITHOUT an op tour..or did medders tired eyes misread that one

    Either way..good luck to the bloke..deserves a pat on the back..

  5. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

  6. I wouldn't be too harsh.

    An ex-boss of mine (RAF WO) is retiring this year after 37 years service (extended to 55yo point) and the only medals he has is an LS&GC (with bar), MSM and a QGJM. Talk about dodging the dets, he must have crystal ankles and a glass back to boot.

  7. Nothing strange there, Crabs......Say no more!
  8. Aye, unfortunately it seems that the dead wood in my trade are as adverse to detachments as they are to civvy street.

    Still, doesn't stop them sending us away all the time to rack up a fair fruit salad of dangly tin. :thumbdown:
  9. I knew Mick when he was a Sergeant. He could be characterised as being quietly professional and efficient and I think from what I have just read he has not changed.

    Good luck Sir!

    Edit: Realised I made Mick sound a little dour, hes not. He was a class act and very friendly. My point was he lacked the in yer face arrogance of some I also knew at the same time who doubtless never reached Mick's rank. Good on him.
  10. Hope he has a safe tour after all he has been through, good on him