Mick Flynn, off to the front line at 50

Discussion in 'RAC' started by stinker, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. "Squadron Corporal-Major Mick Flynn is Britain’s most highly decorated frontline soldier. In a career that has spanned four decades and taken him from Northern Ireland to the Falklands, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, he has experienced some of the fiercest fighting and received two of the highest possible awards for bravery."


    Anyone read the book?
  2. "In the Falklands he killed for the first time.."

    Not a Pucara by any chance?
  3. Was on tour with him in 79, and at the ambush he describes. He was in another Squadron to what i was with at the time, but i remember him more for pre-NI training and the naafi raid :)
  4. No
  5. Fair play to the mad old sod!
  6. Wireless ridge?
  7. Says in the article I'm reading that he took part in Tumbledown.
  8. iirc yes :)
  9. Thanks J-D thought it was wireless?
  10. sorry being thick and not knowing the weird rank (weird to me anyway) is this guy commisioned as they keep refering to him as Major however later on he goes on about being an NCO?
  11. Household Cavalry

    Corporal Of Horse = Sergeant

    Squadron Corporal Major = WO2 (Company Sergeant Major)

    OK now???
  12. Offered?
  13. He's a WO, Company Sergeant Major.
  14. Obviousley a very brave man, but surely he cant be Britains most highly decorated while Beharry is still serving.
  15. The press always come out with 'most decorated man'. I know of another with the CGC and MC.