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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Provost, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Mick Aston, ex-Time Team expert, dies aged 66

    I see that wild-haired, rainbow-jumpered Prof Mick Aston has shuffled off this mortal coil. I used to be a huge fan of Time Team and seldom missed an episode. I used to enjoy Mick Aston's input. He was more measured and didn't seem as camera-conscious and show-offy as a couple of the others. Latterly, it went down hill with uncertain scheduling and dumbed-down research, content and presentation, a sure sign that it was struggling. I think that Mick Aston was of the same opinion and he hung up his Time Team trowel in disgust at the way the programme was being treated by the producers. I believe that Time Team itself has now folded, although we'll still be watching the repeats on Dave for the next 30 years or so.

    One day in the distant future, an archaeologist will unearth an ancient grave containing a skeleton encased in a multi-coloured stripey jersey and think, "What kind of tribal chief was this?"
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  2. I agree with your sentiments Provost, Prof. Aston was the professional - Baldrick was the useless ******* luvvee and Phil Harding whilst very enthusiastic was more like a lunatic farmer than owt else.

    I did laugh a few years ago when it was reported that Time Team had all their tools stolen when their camp was broken into one night, the only person who didn't lose anything was Phil Harding who slept with his tools, albeit not in the biblical sense.

    With current affairs the way the are, I'd rather here about Mick Aston's life than that terrorist Mandela.

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  3. RIP to a great British archaeologist. He turned out a lot of very interesting work.

    66 was a tragically young age to go. Actually thought he was older than that.
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  4. I hated timeteam, liked him. He seemed the only professional in a bunch of site raping luvvies.
  5. If you thought TT went downhill, watch the American version.

    I shall start a facebook page encouraging people to wear bright jumpers to honour Mick.
  6. Am certain Mick A has engendered a generation of budding archeologists with his input onto Time Team for 20 years.
    RIP a nice if not a little eccentric, bloke.

    It may prove that being a vegetarian isn't all it's cracked up to be!
  7. There's an American version? What do they dig up? 1950's shopping malls?
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  8. I've only seen one episode, they went scratching around a native american site. They use the same logo's as the original, but the format is slightly less annoying. less intrusive music for starters.
  9. I saw him being interviewed once and he said he'd always had very poor health, several things I think.
    I liked watching him and Phil Harding.
  10. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Sadly, it went the way of many TV programs. There was never anything wrong with the basic concept. It's just when it lost basic viewing figures, they decided to jazz it up - all that did was accelerate the decline.

    The basic problem was they lost competent presenters - Mick Ashton, Stuart Ainsworth - and replaced them with more 'photogenic' ones. I'd rather listen to experts than the bit of eye candy they tried to introduce as Tony Robinson's co-presenter.

    And for all the comments about the quality of the archaeology, it was fairly educational for people (like myself) with minimal knowledge of the subject.

    His Wikipedia entry suggests a lively character away from the TV as well.

    I think I prefer to remember him as an archaeologist - the thought of him lolling around naked does rather ruin the digestion...

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  11. I saw one when they dug up a rare US army "stone" fort from the 1800's.
  12. Actually, I used to very much enjoy the 18th, 19th and 20th century stuff - industrial archaeology and the like. There was more than enough Romano-British stuff for my own taste. If you've seen one villa with hypocaust, you've very much seen 'em all.
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  13. I only ever saw one as well, they were working half way up a cliff, it was mildly interesting except the presenter was even worse than Baldrick.
  14. Oi! That's Sir Sod-Off to the likes of you. Have some respect.
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  15. Phil Harding would be good as the next Dr Who. :)
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