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Michelin stars-what do they mean?

Worth it if you get the chance. I have a wealthy friend who is one of their valued customers and have in his company attended a dinner in the Napoleon cellar. Was really a wine tasting accompanied by (fairly grand) food. Superb experience.

My bold you lucky sod, now that is the way to enjoy food, at others expense!!
I was so lucky during my business career in purchasing to have been entertained in some of the best restaurants in W. Europe by potential sellers who knew I liked good food & wine.
I remember being in a supposedly good 2 or 3 * restaurant in the Cotswolds with a sales director who asked me to choose the wine. We were having beef so I chose a nice Burgundy, not the most expensive but a good one from a good year.
We got to the table a bit later & I saw the bottle already opened on the table. The wine waiter then poured a little for me to taste. It was too tannic & when I looked at the bottle closely it was the wrong year as well, so I sent it back. The manager was called & asked what the problem was. I pointed out that in ALL of the GOOD restaurants I had been to, the wine was brought to the table UNOPENED for me to check it was what I ordered & then opened in front of me prior to me tasting to ensure it was the wine I ordered!
I then told him I would speak to the MD of his company who just happened to be the brother of another director of a company I dealt with and had met a few times in his London restaurant.
We then ordered a reasonable bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape to replace the dodgy one & were not charged for it or the meal!!
The Sales director I was with was most impressed and said he would ensure that any business I did with him, I would be sure to get the best possible deal!!

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