Micheal Stone charged with attempted murder of our Gerry...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Shark_Wrestler, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Did anybody see the news of Michael Stones attack on Storemont. I was watching the news, then the fottage came on of the two security restraining him, a male officer had him in a kind of arm lock (abley assisted by the revolving door) while a female officer removes a fire arm from him then returns to a safe distance.

    Then, she returns and pistol whips him on the nuggin.

    At first i laughed, but it made me think that will this woman face any charges of exceeding minimum force? were here actions due to the adrenal rush that she may have been experiencing?

    I imagine the security at such places are trained in CP and have been selected for the post due to a truely analitical nature and the ability to think in situations that the job entails.

    i may cause people to re-evaluate the actions of soldiers when in the media more and more incidents of SO19 and CP types are acting using base human reactions, if we are expected to be super human, pay more!!!!!

    What do you lot think?
  2. It would have been a bit embarrassing if it had gone off when she banged him on the noggin with it too.

    The biggest question remains why it took five minutes for the RU....sorry, PSNI to tip up? One would have thought due to the importance of the day, there would have been a ton of peelers knocking around. Or has the Sinn Fein wish finally come true of stripping away the PSNI to such an extent that they are not allowed to be seen anywhere?

    I'll bet they would have been the first ones to complain at the lack of responce had Adams or McGuiness been double tapped in the forehead.
  3. Should have shot him, save us the cost of feeding him. Got a link?
  4. Sixty

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    It was a replica Flash. Still, I bet those pellets sting a bit :)
  5. She didn't know that at the time. I think she must have been watching too much Starsky and Hutch.

    The first IA when disarming a chap is not to bang him on the head with it!
  6. struggling to get link on, the vid is on bbc.co.uk though.

    I just am stunned that she walked away, then minced back over to apply pistol but to head! I am sure if her uniform were different she would be gettin investigated now for exceeding the min force ....
  7. I personally thought they showed a lot of courage. If it had been me, and seen that lunatic wandering up, I'd have done more than pistol whipped the fcuking idiot.
  8. I think the vast majority of people in NI know who Mr Stone is. I think the lady in question, as soon as she recognized him, must have been totally petrified, especially when he pulled the pistol. She knew what he's capable of, hence did the only thing she could at the time to help her colleague try to subdue him, so she shouldn't face charges. I'm surprised that Stone didn't resist more then he did. A publicity stunt, or was he truly showing his colours as one of the Troubles legendary maniacs?
  9. Agree, guru but it wasnt a couple of members of the public, it was two security guards whos job it is to do this. Good on them for stopping him carrying on (depends how you look at it I suppose). Looking at the news footage, it was a bit of a farce with very little control and only through luck it didn't go 'pete tong'.

    The point I'm making is this was Stormont on one of it's most important days for quite a while. The security was pish poor and a known convicted terrorist should not have been able to get within a mile of the place. Well, thats covered Adams and McGuiness, Stone shouldnt have got close either. :roll:
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You must be joking!!!!It's the same civilian outfit that guards the PSNI stations in someareas from what I gather.

  11. He's a fcuking cripple, hence him not putting up much of a fight.

    Which makes it all the more alarming. Stone was able to limp up the hill to Stormont, write a bit of graffiti on the wall outside then try and gain access. Then a fat old wheezy bloke stops him whilst a doris taps him on the swede. Security aint a dirty word but Sinn Fein and the rest of the idiots have ensured its gone 180 degrees from what it used to be.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  13. I thought it odd too why the Plod took so long to show up?.
  14. No PSNI at Stormont anymore thanks to the Shinners and the Social workers,Doctors and Lawyers Party refusing to have them in the grounds and what they want they get ,nearest would have been at Strandtown.
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Surely Knock or the one up by the Police Collage would've been closer?Or maybe Dundonald.
    What patch does Stormont come under?