Michael Moore says he is planning a sequel to his controversial award-winning documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

It will be called Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2 and should be out in time for the next US presidential election.

The film will be political and Moore said the American public need to be "educated and enlightened" after voting in George Bush for a second term.
This just shows his disrespect for the american people and their democratic system. Just because he does not agree wth the choice of the people, he feels he should EDUCATE them. Reminds me of a few dictators of the past :(

agent smith
Has any one asked Moore if he will try and run for governor, senator, president. After all he should be fairly well off now and richer than rich. Its easy to be the critic on the outside. :?


War Hero
I say leave him to it. I would cheerfully see a film that batters at bliar/TCH, in fact fu(k it, if I had any skill/greater knowledge/resorces in the area I might try it myself.

In my view, the reason this kind of thing aggrevates, is because the man is a complete chod who refuses to defend the arguements/points he puts forward, but insists that we should beleve them anyway.

The mans audience are not politically orientated/interested. I'd rate his "facts" in the same catagory as The Sport's journalism.
I read and watched many of Moore's interviews for F911.

In them he basically claimed he was not supporting the Democrats, that he was just against GW (and the whole Bush family), and less so the Republicans per se. He claimed he was just as hated by Democrats as Republicans. He also stated that he would not campaign for the Democrats or for Kerry.
Also of course, that only he had the "real" truth of everything.

Seems at the closing days he openly campaigned for Kerry.

Based on his hatred for the Bushes and desire to not want GW to be re-elected, this "sequel" seems redundant, since GW can't be elected again, and so far the focus will again be GW.

As someone said, Moore has made much money from all this. Millions I'm sure. It's said that each one his "speaking" engagements on his "slackers tour" of Universities and campuses netted him at least 50K .

Moore would have made an excellent "documentarian" in the '30s and '40s for Adolf.
Folk traitor Blur bought off the Luvvies years ago.
Spitting Image would have shown the great unwashed just what a scoat he is.
Moore deserves to have the job of tongue dhobiing Saddam Huseins arrse however I don't have a problem with him continuing to produce his crap propoganda. It is so selectively unbalanced that most people see it for what is is and may even have had a positive effect for Bush at the election.

He fails to see the Govt he rails against provides him with the freedom to do his thing.
he's just a bellend!!!

agent smith
I was a bit taken aback when I borrowed F 9/11 from the library - the librarian said it is free to hire as it is "Factual"

:lol: :lol:
is that new labours definition of 'Factual'???

agent smith
I remember reading one example of Moores 'factual' reprting. He went to a bank where if you open and account you get a free gun. So he goes in a does this and they give him the gun. He then says' Don't you think its a bit stupid to hand a man a gun over the counter in a bank. Clerk looks dumbfounded. Cut!

Apparently the procedure is that following extensive background checks you receive the gun three weeks after opening the account. Moore asked them to hand it over there and then for the benefit of the cameras and then hit them with his question. cnut.

Fortunately Americans weren't wholly taken in by it.
what a hoon!!! :lol:

agent smith
I seem to remember the Fat Tw*t wrote a book entitled 'Stupid Whitemen'. Strangely enough it made the bestseller list....
Which can only lead me to assume that there must be some truth in it. :roll:
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