Michael Yon speaks up for British Army again...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Petriburg, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. And it looks like a couple of our very own trolls have already got their word in.
  2. It will be interesting how many here trash his opinion, particularly as his belief that the war has been won will bring out the usual 'Bliar blah blah, Shrub blah blah, Hague blah blah, Saddam faced his death well and was an alright bloke and I wish he'd top some of the chavs that live near me blah blah' crowd.
  3. Wtf does rachael sylvester know? How many conflicts has she been in to comment. I feel stabbing her in the eye! The facking slagggggggggggggggggggg!
  4. He's certainly right about most U.S. soldiers and Marines never really complaining or speaking negatively about the Brits. We generally just don't.

    One negative experience I had was with some distinctly unfriendly SAS types who during a NATO exercise blocked off their portion of the space available, covered the entrance with a tarp and put a big "UK Eyes Only" sign up.

    Some Alabama NG Special Forces then proceeded to put a tarp and a similar sign--except with "US Eyes Only"--over the coffee room entrance. Although their commander chuckled the rest weren't amused, the vaunted Brit sense of humor was absent that week.
  5. I thought Sylvester wrote a good and timely article. It is entirely about US-UK military relationships at the highest level and reflects the reality that our excellent people are seriously under-resourced - which is also the essence of Yon's remarks.

    Both Yon and Sylvester are saying that our people have not received the support they need. And we know who to blame for that, don't we?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Great article.

    The nub if it is that the Septics think we are have good soldiers, and we fight very well indeed BUT we have shoit kit, and not enough of it, let alone the good stuff.

    Fair enough. I agree.
  7. If they say that about us, what do they say about the other countries, many of soldiers whom although willing are worse off than our lot.
  8. Is there not an argument now that the "good soldiers, shit kit" is a thing of the past now?With the new additions to the L85 and new armoured vehicles.Is it not a case of 'not enough' rather than 'shit'
  9. The British soldiers I have worked with were all technically and tactically competant and very professional... well... outside one Irish military policeman who got himself all in a tizzy over an imprompteu range being established near his hooch... he was lower enlisted though and his NCOs were having as much fun getting familiarized with the Kalashnikov as we were so he was no bother and in the end retired to his little tent to pout. Too be honest... I have always found that the soldiers of cousin nations (ie. Canada, Austrailia, & the UK) to be good in a scrap and very capable... the only downside being a lack of equipment in some cases but that has nothing to do with the personnel and everything to do with their assorted defense budgets and political entities.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    If it had been a hanger full of just Brits it would have had "Them's eyes only" or something on it that's what they do :wink:

    I would agree with that
    Outside of the US Marines and Airborne is their kit really that good?
    I know they have alot of it but on exchange with some US NG we found their kit was quite old especially the trucks etc and their webbing and Bergins

    Our kit IMHO is good just need alot more of it
  11. USMC equipment usually lags behind the Army's actually... they are part of the Navy and have to fight and scrape for every bit of funding from the larger blue water budget. Far as airborne gear compared to other outfits... no differance. Actually the latest and greatest equipment is entering service with the Stryker brigades and other newly organized outfits.

    When I was referring to equipment in my post above, I meant things like night vision devices (every soldier from the lowest private up in our line infantry units has a set of PVS-7's or PVS-14's) which only leaders have in other country's MTOE. The last time I trained with Canadians for example (circa 1995 mind you) only their officers had night vision gear which made them far less operationally capable during the hours of darkness.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I would agree on the NVG's and other Gucci Kit
    Like I was saying I wondered about the weapons, vehicles etc
    The N.G's seemed older than ours do they get issued newer kit to deploy with like our TA do (SA80 A2 etc)
  13. All reserves are trained on the A2 from joining, also GPMG, LSW and personally I have also been trained on LMG and UGL, but that is unusual before PDT.
  14. Welcome to the 'net :twisted: