Michael Yon - S/Sgt Olaf Schmid: "Britain loses...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Very true despite a glaring inaccuracy, as per. I saw the same one in the Mail(I think) this morning.

    I find it sad that the death of such a brave man has to be sensationalised. Surely the fact he dealt with 64 IEDs should be enough to show what kind of guy he was.

    A true hero and I doff my cap to him and all the others still carrying on the work.
  2. It's that glaring I can't see it???
  3. "He was killed on his last mission"?

    He arrived in late June at the same time I did.

    I find it disgusting to try and make a tragedy more tragic through bollox reporting.
  4. ...no doubt I, and others with me, know nothing more than what is reported. I assume then, that he had longer to do than is stated.........

    Whatever, anyone who has balls that size to do the job, day in, day out, for the period of his/her tour have my true admiration. I just wish I had that sort of courage.

    RIP Olaf Schmid
  5. Maybe someone took the quote from Oz's wife and put 2 & 2 together.

    Wanna ring his wife and tell her to stop being sensationalist? No thought not.

    "We Sustain"
  6. CIED must have been wrong or I misheard.

    My bad.

    I have become very, very wary of what I read in the press especially when it comes to so-called 'quotes'.

    Please bear in mind I am criticising the press. No one else.
  7. Surely getting killed IS your last mission?
  8. Llech - I think the point is he was due home this week and his last planned day as an operator proved to be his last day alive.
  9. It's no compensation for the loss but will there be a decoration?
  10. Obviously the Elizabeth Cross for his widow, but it's up to his chain of command to put him forward for bravery awards if they believe he deserves one... :(

    I'm sure that any soldier who worked with, knew him, or was saved by him deactivating an IED would probably believe he deserves some recognition.
  11. Over here in the US there is not usually much news coverage of individual British casualties but there has been for SSgt Schmid.

    Fox News gave a nice writeup:
    Fox News

    My sympathy to all who knew him.
  12. The word " hero " is constantly over used but not here

    Respect too for Michael Yon for not throwing his toys out of his pram over that incident a few weeks ago
  13. I'm a journalist working for the Mail on an extended tribute piece to S/Sgt Schmid, particularly looking for anecdotal recollections that will hopefully make our piece more accurate. Under the ARRSE rules, I quote the following.

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    If you decide to send private messages (PMs - the site user-to-user messaging system) to members as a result of answers on the forum, please make it clear that they may be breaking DIN003-06 in discussing service matters with you.

    Nick Craven