Michael Yon-Resistance is futile: You will be (mis)informed.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    More from the master blogger:


    Several upcoming dispatches will focus on how the situation in Southern Iraq has dramatically improved over past months. Ironically, the character of this improvement is distinguished by the lack of violence, as well as the increasing order and normality as Iraqi Security Forces step up to greater responsibility for security in the region. Though the local leadership picture in downtown Basra is fuzzier now that British forces have pulled further back to begin performing their long-planned overwatch phase, it is clear that this natural progression in turning Basra over to Iraqi control has not catapulted the city into chaos.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    I don't care if it does or doesn't, as long as people stop by Michael Yon's blog.

    He is held in high regard on this website and I am sure that more than a few have dropped a donation into his tipjar.

  3. I havent commented, purely because i think in my own opinion, the guy is spot on as usual, and is certainly one of the finest commentators on whats going on over there if not the finest, and it would be unwise for anyone not to listen to what he says.

    Top man (and yes donate to the guy)
  4. Michael Yon is without doubt one of the best news reporters you could ask for. More power to him. Anyway, Commando is on in a few mins and I am definately going to watch that.
  5. Sorry, out of the loop on this one. Cheers for a journo? Gotta be a new one for this site.

    My shot on the change on the Basra situation is that tactics have changed and there are less fig.11 targets being presented on milk runs.

    No doubt somebody will correct my out of date thinking.

    Being overseas gives me an excuse....so don't be harsh.
  6. Shaggers, youll have to go through Micheals Blogs, about one of the only Reporters id trust
  7. Assuming Michael Yawn is right, doesn't this make the whole point of us being there moot?
  8. Err, yes. That's if there is such a "point" to begin with. I was told it was to do with WMD's!
  9. WMDs? As in Weapons of Mass Distraction?

    Me heart weeps. Me fecking heart weeps.
  10. Thats clever, I see what you did. You took Yon and made it sound like "Yawn". Bravo. I take it you don't like to hear good news from Iraq for a change because of some anti invasion agenda?

    Mikes a soldier. He doesn't speak much about why we're there, just that we are.

    Instead of sitting on a forum whining about it he decided that he would help in the information war taking place that you so firmly seem to take AP reports for the gospel.

    In as much as you see fit to question the motives of government reports, it's interesting how little of that cynicism is geared towards anti-war news reports. In my opinion it needs to be applied equally.
  11. I have been in theatre since April and had the pleasure to meet the man twice, a totally down to earth bloke. There is no hidden adgenda and he is still a soldier at heart and the most important thing is that he reports the truth!
  12. Well. Well. Well! A revelation and an American to boot! Makes a change from the anti American, anti British drivel written by left wing scratchers such as John Pilger in the Vietnam days. Yes I agree, he's a good journalist, not afraid to seek the truth amongst all the dross passed over as "incisive comment". Send him the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism.
  13. Now thats a thought :) Can we mere mortals nominate him for something like that? As arrsers are pro-yon (well the majority who have brains) is there anyway it can be done.

    Oh and send him some money!
  14. I have to admit i am surprised Michael Yon has not won any awards, or has he? If he was up for one i would be the first to vote. Great reading and non biased writing. Thou i expect the septics don't care to much for his writing as he makes out the British forces are as good as we bloody well know they are. THE BLOODY BEST!

    Sorry for my out burst but I am British and I for one support our troops!