Michael Yon on The Rifles, Camilla and Basrah

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biped, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Michael Yon does it again! He's just published a new article, and it not only put some grit in the air when speaking of Camilla and her support of her regiment, but does some fairly good analysis of the British press.

    One Step Forward

    Top reporting, top man! Keep up the good work Michael, and Camilla - stirling work indeed. :D
  2. Damn you beat me to it!

    This is a very good article. I especially like where he breaks down the sensational tabloid like british headlines.

    For instance:

  3. Agreed another great Yon story, he is probably the best combat journalist of the war.
  4. Top article!

    Should be required reading for all journos visiting this site...

    ...As an example of how to do it! :roll:

    Minty McGinty excepted, of course! :D
  5. Excelent article. Good on the bloke. Loved reading it and it made me cry (bah humbug).

    One thing though, referece to negative British news outlets. I have not yet seen a negative story come from a journalist that spent any decent amount of time with the troops (which included time in "contact"). That speaks volumes to me.
  6. Another superb article. Take time to check out the feeedback from Jope Public in the USA. Following the Iran Hostage fiasco it certainly paints us in a different light. Quality.
  7. Very good article - as always. Thankyou for writing that and the other pieces.

    Maybe Michael should instruct on journo courses in the UK.
  8. Michael Yon is awesome. All his articles covering British troops have been excellent. It's shameful that most of the British press continue to put a negative spin on British operations both in Iraq and Afghan theatres. The broader public would benefit from reading Yon's dispatches to understand the brave sacrifices our troops are making and the good work they're doing.
  9. Really?

    Nobody? Ah... I understand, nobody from those who think that the situation in Iraq is actually looking good.
  10. Who'd have thunk it about Camilla. My estimations of her have just shot through the roof :)
  11. Most of us, with eyes to see and the ability to ignore the tabloids and the brainless Diana worshippers, in fact! :wink:
  12. People seem to forget that she has been 'Wife of' since '73 and 'knows stuff'. I am a fan.
  13. I agree with both replies. Camilla is far more suitable (charachter-wise) than Diana as both Charle's wife and a patron of an army unit IMO.

    Not trying to slag Dianna BTW. I just think the values/aspirations between Charles and Dianna had a huge culture gap.
  14. And she's not likely to shag the officer showing her around...