Michael Yon: Low Metal Content ( IEDs)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. Hmm... Interesting article but I wish he wouldn't post that sort of info.

    I know there is lots of other similar stuff on the internet but the less the better. Its not so much for the security of forces in afghanistan i say that but instead for any going th libya, somalia etc etc. The less our enemies there know the better....
  2. Why? Do you think the "Taliban" in Afghanistan will keep this to themselves, or do you think it's far more likely that they've passed this on to their mates already as lessons learned? I think this information was probably given out by either Iran or Pakistan anyway and they'll be supplying anyone who's fight the evil west.

    It's an interesting article and goes to show how the guys we're fighting in Afghan arent (all) backwards goat molesting farmers but that some of them have the skill and know how to be a very capable force, if not in direct combat then in the use of IEDs and similar tactics.
  3. Shhhhh! Or the insurgents will find out. Oh hang on.
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  4. The Taliban can be extremely capable in direct combat. They are well organised with good comms and commanders who understand how to take us on. Individually, they're not up to our skill level, but they're experienced, battle hardened, fit and comfortable operating in the climate/terrain. They also carry much less kit than we do.
  5. The Taliban operating in the South are pretty devious when it comes to the construction and placement of IEDs. The info Michael Yon has put out is nothing that the TB/HiG etc do not already know, however if a new squaddie gets the heads up it may save his life (and limbs). Working in that area myself I see no harm in this being posted.
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  6. I understand the info is no longer a secret for helmand insurgents - or whatever term we are using - and besides internet access there is pretty poor !!!

    My point is that for the first couple of years we didn't have to worry so much about LMC's. After a period of time they, somehow, learnt this TTP making our lives more difficult. In any theatre the longer the enemy use weak TTPs the better, the slower they learn from other theatres the better. Inevitably we will end up in another failed state somewhere in the future whether its in africa or whatever and the less they know the better. I've no doubt they would figure it out eventually - but lets not make it any easier. I do like michael Yon's stuff in general, just not this....

    Besides squadies should read their 'erica the eyes' etc to save lives - not internet posts...
  7. This sort of publicity is more likely to save lives on our side than tell the enemy anything they didn't know. I used to make this sort of stuff for fun when I was fourteen. People who bleat "don't post this" are just being childish, just like the idiots who think that stealing guns from the law-abiding leads to a fall in gun crime.

    The best thing I ever learned about booby-trap mines was from an old American sergeant who had been in 'nam. He was walking with me across a mil trg area and walked straight through a puddle while I walked around it. When he did it twice, I asked him why. "Habit, son," he said "Gooks know the average grunt walks around puddles, so that's where they put the punji-stake pit." He then pointed to a huge bunch of stinging nettles "...and that's where I'd dig me in for an OP."

    Nice guy. I always took devious routes after that. And I always said I would never charge my point bloke if he had an ND. That way, they never worried about patrolling with finger on the trigger and safety off. Never had an ND either, funnily enough. These sort of things get re-learned in every conflict, and in my very humble but aged opinion, the bad guys always earn it first. I wouldn't worry too much about this sort of publicity.
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  8. You mean they saw us using metal detectors. Put two and two together and came up with put less metal in the IEDs. You're not very bright are you?
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  9. I had noticed that last time I was there. I know quite a few civvies and people who've managed to avoid a deployment to Afghan who seem to think that the Taliban spend all day touching goats and aren't up to much. I'd be interested to see what the estimated number of local fighters the Taliban still have (if you could get a reliable figure) after we seemed to grease a lot of $10 Taliban.
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    This is nothing new PIRA were using (and developed some of) this type of IED (plus whatever acronyms are now in use for the other types) years ago, and it wasn't all new to them either.
    So I don't think that this information is not freely available to any terrorist group, or person who requires it.
    Plus a lot of it is common sense to a terrorist with half a brain, they just refine the IED for local conditions.
    This is then, where good training and drills (plus scientific input) come into their own, to try and defeat the opposition.
  11. shared a corimec with him in KAF for a couple of days last year.
  12. Have any of you dull cnuts read the books by Mau,Collins, Spencer Chapman, Grivas,ect all published well before you were born and with all the info a terrorist could ever need,
  13. How about this, you wet fart?

    The UnMuseum - How to Build an Atomic Bomb
  14. I once read a book on how not to get shot when you fall asleep on stag. You should have read it too you coma-inducing ****.