Michael Yon latest; Bad Medicine

Yet another outstanding report from Michael Yon.
'The friendly attack dog. A dog handler recently told me he was urinating when an Afghan soldier tried to grab his willy. The handler said the dog bit the Afghan soldier who needed a few stitches.'

Quoted from article-good work that dog! Bad enough out there without your allies sexually harassing you!
That man writes incredibly insightful reports. It is a damned shame that we don't see more recognition of his output in the main-stream media.


The man is running out of money and may have to go home by September.
Another fantastic dispatch...can't wait for the next one!
It's becoming increasingly difficult to find enough superlatives to describe the quality of Michael Yon's reports. He really is the yardstick when folks are talking about "war reporters". What more can I say?

tearsbeforebedtime said:
JP47 said:
elovabloke said:
The man is running out of money and may have to go home by September.
Insert coins here
He has been in Sangin for a very long time AFIAK.

It is probably more that his embed has come to an end, cheeky bugger!
I think not. If you follow Michael's reports through Iraq and the Stan you will know he is a freelancer who has no other support from outside agency's. His money is from donations and what he makes if he gets its published and some of his photo's he sells.
In one of his audio reports talking to Ward someoneorother he posted a week or say back he said that he was embedded with 2 RIFLES for a couple more weeks, and was then moving onto the US Marines (I think based in Garmsir, but i could be wrong. Certainly in Southern Afghanistan). The link to it was posted on this board by Bravo_Bravo
Michael Yon said:
In all, about fourteen types of aircraft fly topcover, including American, Belgian, British, Dutch and French. JTACs here say the least desirable aircraft of those fourteen are the French M2000D. A package of two jets carries no cannon, no downlink and a total of only 4 GBU 12s. The optics aboard the aircraft are not good, and the trail aircraft spots targets with binoculars like the Red Baron.
Brilliant! :D
tearsbeforebedtime said:
His food, accom and transport are free while in Afghanistan with UK forces.

Dunno what his outgoings are otherwise.

Like I said, cheeky.

God forbid the man making any money as well :roll:
Whether Michael Yon is freelance or not is irrelevant . His reporting and photography is absolutely outstanding and he deserves all the financial and moral support we can give to him .

As a newcomer to this forum I had not seen his reporting contributions before. They provide a graphic and moving insight as to what our forces are trying to achieve in Afghanistan , and which has mostly been ignored by our collective national media 'services' ; as a former career soldier I salute their collective bravery , fortitude and endurance .

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