Michael Yon going back to Basra

Yon's a smart guy:

I don’t think those reports are accurate. You know, I was just over in London, and also, I’ve been with the British before in Basra earlier this year, and the reality, it’s probably time for them to draw down their forces. I think they’re doing the prudent thing. They’ve got a huge commitment in Afghanistan, and their army is a lot smaller than ours is. And the problems in Basra are not like the problems in other places. I don’t see it as a…it’s not like a crack in the egg. In fact, I hate to make predictions too far in advance, but I would not doubt that we would see a very precipitous drop in violence over the next few months throughout Iraq as more and more people come to the table. You know, out in Diyala Province, 20 of the 25 major tribes just signed an agreement to work with the Coalition and the Iraqi Army, so that’s tremendous. I mean, we see people in Nineveh Province starting to rise up against al Qaeda. Everybody is coming to the realization, many people are coming to the realization that it’s time for a change. You know, we made some mistakes early on, and we learned from them. Our own military has just morphed in the last couple of years, and they work very well with most of the Iraqis now, and the Iraqis have learned how to work with us. Hugh, I just wouldn’t doubt it to see that in the future, Iraq is actually going to be a good ally of the United States.

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