Michael Yon goes bonkers, kills career?



Well, spent the sunday hungover, and online, and been reading Michael Yon's lates dispatches, then followed him on facebook and discovered he is slowly losing his sanity and has already, by the looks of it, killed his career! See what you think - the arguments started here:

Michael Yon Open Letter to SECDEF and POTUS - Professional Soldiers ®

then he took it to facebook:


and other assorted links:

Michael Yon self destructs
Michael Yon - Online Magazine

Can you tell I'm bored? See what you think anyways


Kind of reminds me of that journalist at the end of Apocalypse Now, but a fatter, older version!
There is a lot of historical precedent for aircraft engaged in medevac not carrying a red cross. The C-47s at the Normandy landings, for example, didn't as they were carrying ammo in and wounded out; lots of Hueys in Vietnam had a dual role and carried wounded as well as fresh troops and supplies, and they were armed.

If the enemy doesn't respect the noncombabant status of medevac standards then there's no point using them.


That is a good topic for discussion, which "Mike" completely forgets and goes on to accuse a US SF team of cold murder....
Yawn has been a slow-train-wreck awaiting the buffers to finally put a stop to his grandiose & delusional rantings.
A shame, as his initial material from the sandbox was fresh and gave -on the whole- the grunt's eye perspective that was missing from journo embeds.
However he, imho, nurtured a grievance, never having actually served on active duty as a BTDT due to him having killed someone in a bar-fight, and subsequently working as a Paypal Presser constantly needing to "gin" up the copy to get donations.
Thereby, he was out of his Green Beret fraternity and never really embraced by journos or media organisations.
Subsequently he appears to have cast himself in the role of Maverick Media Martyr [TM], recently curtailing his embeds with an unnecessary paranoid spat as the wronged and tragic dispenser of "truth". Then slinking back to Thailand for R'n'R.
I hope he finds his happy ending. Not the Carradine solution.
The termites nest he is currently digging in is entirely of his own volition, in spite of some seriously generous offers of advice by his former SF brethren.
Pride and a Section8 can be a killer too.

Used to read Yon's updates, but he's been getting steadily weirder for a long while.

I'm not surprised. Being on tour for 6 months does enough to disorientate you to the real world. Being away for years must really screw you up - especially if you happen to become an international celebrity during that time.

It's a shame because he probably has more experience of Iraq and Afghan than just about anybody.


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If the enemy doesn't respect the noncombabant status of medevac standards then there's no point using them.
Exactly. Its only the US Army that does this. The US Air Force Pedros don't as they go in fully armed and can't do that with Red Cross signs. Ditto the US marines. And neither do we come to think of it. I'll bet the last time we had all white casevac choppers with Red crosses on them was the Falklands.

And as we all know, the Taliban see a Red Cross, they use it as an aiming point. I can't see what the problem is.
Yeah, starting to get fed up with Yon now. His articles were quite enlightening for a while but now it's just lots of self-pitying and shimfing. I'll keep him on twitter but delete from facebook I reckon. Some great photos though!

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