Michael Yon (American Journo) on the Royal Lancers Part III


I found the British rations were good, but truth be known, our guys do eat a little better. Some American soldiers actually tell me that the Brits get all the good “kit” (gear), which is interesting because the Brits say the Americans get all the good kit. The Brits also think we level a city block in Baghdad every time someone shoots a mortar at us, but that’s not true. Meanwhile, the Americans think the Brits aren’t doing any fighting in Basra, and that’s definitely not true.

Also, as an aside one of the comments said this:

Joel Says:

Attn: Brit Soldiers. If you ever end up in Mesa AZ you will never have to buy a beer. Or a meal. God bless you to our brothers in arms.

Thought I would pass it on.
Wahhey!!! Top! Cheers ghost_us, I needed this today!

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