Michael Yon (American Journo) on Royal Lancers in Iraq.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Excellent stuff as ususal. He gives a much fuller picture than I get from other sources.
  2. I was wondering the other day what had happened to Michael. I was not disappointed - this is fantastic writing once more.

    He is after donations towards covering his costs as, apparently, he gets no other income.
  3. FIRST PART OF <u>MICHAEL YON REPORTS</u> IS UP. Don't miss it.

    "The Queen’s Royal Lancers have been living out in the desert for about six months, like nomads moving from place to place, sleeping under the stars, getting much of their resupply of food and water by nighttime parachute drop as they patrol the Iran-Iraq border. . .

    "The plan is to move about 40 miles to another base camp, farther out in the sand dunes, from which to patrol the Iranian border. The commander made clear that something had changed and he thought the likelihood of trouble was high."
  4. Is that true, the part about you guys loving MREs??? I used to have the menu numbers memorized.
  5. Well I'll be slipping him a few quid, its well worth the read
  6. Yet again an excellent read.
    It still amazes me that it takes an American journo to come up with these articles, when there should be a British one doing the same.
  7. Excellent article, must post on our Regimental Board. Heard a journo was out there, thought it was just a local one.
  8. Just done it.
  9. Another excellent well presented article by Michael. Id worked with the QRL a few times in the past when they were Chally 2 in Osnatraz and they are a good bunch. Good luck to them all :D
  10. [​IMG]

    Is that an Afrika Corps badge on the side of the Landy?
  11. You can't help but admire Michael Yon and the way he gets down in the mix to bring people the pukka gen. A truly excellent report, as always, from him. I also like how he manages to include "proper" piccies, i.e. not posed. It makes me wonder why there are no Brit ex-squaddies out there doing something similar.

    However with this:
    I can't help but feel that he became the hapless victim of a British squaddie wind-up. Or does such a person with that moniker really exist?
  12. The Lynx dropped us off, and shortly after the Lynx dusted away, the desert quieted. Suddenly, a group of soldiers ran out and tackled another soldier, then tied him up on the ground. I asked what that was all about, and was told they were just [messing] with him. The soldiers untied their “mate” who brushed himself off and they walked off together, laughing, slapping backs, then disappeared under a camouflage net, still laughing.

    This is Squaddie Humour at its best gotta smile even when your on ops. :wink:
  13. Yes he does exist and is a well respected, however the spelling is Lt Col Richard B Nixon-Eckersall, so maybe someone did have a laugh spelling it for Micheal :D
  14. Looks like it. It's not exactly uncommon. This was on a lot of our brigade's equipment.


    The ironic thing is that when the Germans had one in Afghanistan, they got into a lot of trouble. Some people have no sense of history...

    Maybe you should give the guy a Knighthood. Even if it's only honorary, it might be a bit of an incentive for your local lads.