Michael Yon: Afghanistan in the News,One Truth: Many Version

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. http://www.michaelyon-online.com/wp/
  2. A very interesting and informative article, NEO_CON. It just underlines what I've thought about this Afghanistan caper all along. It's never going to succeed. In that, Afghanistan is the same as Vietnam, since both countries have never been occupied successfully by anyone.

    I certainly agree with your surmision that the news is doctored to provide a positive slant, instead of telling it like it is. I, too, fear that a lot of very courageous people are going to lose their lives in this useless and dangerous, and ultimately pointless, endeavour.

    Thanks for posting that, anyway. I've bookmarked it now, so I'll be returning to it from time to time.


  3. Michael Yon is inconvenient. He says a lot things that I can agree with and disagree with. At least he makes you aware if not examine both sides of the issue. One thing he always does is understand the difficulties all the soldiers in the field which ,those of us not there need to be mindful of. I don't agree with your assessment of his assessment of the press as having a positive be slant on the news. He said a lot of things . In Afghanistan the press has been not reporting fully a worsening situation . It is obvious more troops are needed in Afghanistan. We also need to start training a larger Afghan Army at a quicker pace. Micheal is at the moment pessimistic about Afghanistan and more optimistic about Iraq. Not the conventional wisdom.

    Oh and one thing Michael brings up, that any American that reads the British press and has a IQ above 12 gets. Is the British presses annoying need to play up American soldiers as being widely reckless in their use of force and their brutish lack of concern when interacting with locals.

    The British press feeds this prejudice almost on every occasion, to the point where some I think, actually believe it. The American press on the other hand may savage Bush and anything to do with the war while Blair, yes Blair, gets relatively good press coverage in the US and the British Army is mention as a capable well trained force.
  4. The Brit soldier in Ganistan is on a hiding to nothing. Don't care about how many short term sucesses he has, it will all end in tears and blood.
    Like the Good soldier he is he will do his duty to the best of his ability but he has been given an immpossible task (Whatever it is ) and has too little of everything.
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    This on 'exporting democracy' from today's Grauniad, found via the Defence News site:

    Le Chevre