michael stone

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by superdriver, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. the mad man stone is back, he just stormed stormont saying he had a device!!! and is currently live on sky news being man handeled by a load of psni officers,, quality
  2. Classic, They should have shot him!.

    Interesting to see Stone back in the Province, I thought the PSNI had a few questions to ask him regarding other terrorist offences?.
  3. Did wonder if that was what he was trying to achieve....
  4. I think it's absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. The man needs locking up in prison for the rest of his days. He should have been targetting Downing Street, surely. Bloody amateurs.
  5. Pisol-whipped by a Doris! Oh, how he mighty have fallen!
    Stone's now had TWO chances o slot McGuiness and Adams. And screwed up both times...although I hhave to admit, Miltown was a blooody good laugh.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The guys a muppett & a womble of the highest order.
  7. .....yeah....great...... :roll:

    T**T :!:
  8. Although I really dislike all terror organisations I cannot help this little feeling of a shame come over me when I think he could have taken those 2 murderers out!
  9. I'm sure with a little more planning that ole Stoney could have taken out Adams and McGuinness. Shouldn't have entered with the gun on show - Muppet.

    Had Stoney taken out Adams and McGuinness what do you think could have happened then - N.Ireland all over again and more troop committments. what do you reckon ????
  10. On a more positive note; the revolving doors in Stormont are back working again, after they removed a stupid big stone from them...
  11. If Stone had "taken Adams and McGuiness down" (copyright CSI Miami) Can you just imagine the bruhaha on the streets of NI. It would all have kicked off again....calls of collusion with Loyalist Paramilitaries.....It would have kicked of big time. And we haven't got the capacity to deal with it. And it would have caused British Soldiers to die. Again. Michael Stone is a murdering cnut, and he has the blood of Howes and Wood on his hand as surely as if he had pulled the trigger himself. He is not worthy of his life.

    And BTW, while what he did at Milltown made for great TV, it was a MURDER.
  12. To be quite honest, Stone is as bad as the IRA/PIRA for what he did at Milltown and again this would have just incited more violence to a now fairly peaceful province. Isnt there enough going on round the world FFS?
  13. As an Ulsterman I must I'm deeply ashamed of Stone with his toy gun and wanky pipe bombs. Professional chaps sprinkle a little polonium-210 on your Sushi.
  14. Firstly, Blair would have given them state funerals!

    Secondly, a handsome bung to their families. This would make up for the half a million quid a year Adams and McGuinness get from the British state for not sitting in Parliament and not sitting in the Assembly!