Michael 'Pav' Pavitt RIP

Discussion in 'REME' started by baldricksdad, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the death of a fellow serving Corps member. Michael 'Pav' Pavitt died Tuesday 13th July after a long battle with cancer.

    Pav was a VE and a man of the highest order anyone who knew him will agree he was a true family man, he is survived by Andrea his wife and their 3 children.

    The following is from Andrea's Facebook page:

    The funeral of Michael Pavitt (PAV), will take place at St Paul's church, Church Street Royton Oldham OL2 5JS on Mon 26th July 1300hrs with burial at Royton Cemetary. Afterwards at the Moss Inn Heyside to celebrate Pav's life. The procession will depart from his parents house. This will be a Military funeral please could all serving soldiers attend in Number 2 dress where possible. Please no black clothes for the children.

    Andrea has provided the address of Pav's parents but I will not publish it here for obvious reasons, if anyone would like it please message me.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the Pav in question in this photo, please?

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  3. Back row 2nd from the right. Dortmund 1989. He was in my fitter section and was a great lad. 19 Fd Regt RA LAD REME.
  4. RIP Pav thoughts with family

    I remember that photo being taken, great bloke.
  5. Looking at the photo zippy483, you and Jeff look like brothers :)

    I last saw Tubby Edgar as a tiffy about 5 years ago. Jeff got out when 39 came back to the UK, no idea where/what he is now. Stevie A. transferred to some Cav mob he used to be posted to. No idea about the others until Pav on this post.

    RIP Pav, you were a top bloke.
  6. I seem to remember getting leathered on beer and blackcurrant corn no long after that photo was taken, I'm pretty sure Pav wouldn't have been far behind :)

    I know Mary left not long after he got married and ended up working in a bonded warehouse at Heathrow.

    Think Paul R left around the same time aswell probably on Options 3 like me, who's the RLC chap next to you, shared a flat with him for a while and can't for the life of me remember his name?

    My memory is sadly fading must have been the abuse the brain cells got at 6 and 39

    Hope your well mate.
  7. I can only remember his first name, Will. I think.

    Was the bird that married Mary not an ex Pans People or Legs & Co dancer, had her own pub or some such in the London area. I didn't know that Paul got out, I thought he had been posted, probably to P Ward knowing the amount he could put away.

    Kris S. is probably a tramp somewhere in Edinburgh.
  8. Don't know about her being a dancer but she definitely had her own pub, town next to Heathrow, I liked, Mrs thought it was a craphole :)
  9. Jeff here......

    Sad news. I have a couple of pictures of Pav I should scan and post here.

    Wow that photo is a blast from the past. I am now living near Toronto, Canada. Anyone wants to send me a message that would be great.
  10. Paul R only left last year, after living in Norway for a short while he is now married and living in Australia. Kris S is still serving, I think he is at 6Bn. Stevie A is at Bovie as an instructor for the Cav. Tubby Edgar is at some IPT in Bristol to do with BOWMAN stuff.

    The 'Will' is Will G....surname is a mans first name!! Sounds like rayham!!

    As for me well if you remember the skinny ginger Crafty form HQ Fitters well thats me.


    RIP Pav, the suffering is over fella live it up wherever you are.
  11. RIP mate! Hope you get the send off that befits. My condolences to F+F.

    You'll be a loss to us all!

  12. Saw this on Facebook, did a search and thought some ARRSEr's might be interested

    Scroll down for the link

  13. Thanks for bumping this! I missed it first time round and had lost track of Pav over the years. He was a top bloke, the sort who make it worthwhile serving!

    I tried to find him on faceache last year and found Andrea, but was unsure what the score was.

    I'll get back to feeling gubbed now!