Michael Owen - The New Cantona?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by once_a_maverick, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. once_a_maverick

    once_a_maverick War Hero

    I heard this statement this morning, backed up by lots of waffle such as "well people said Cantona was past it" and "people said Cantona wouldn't fit in"

    Laugh? I nearly died.
  2. What the fuck are you on about?
  3. The article was from The Jewish Chronicle and was misquoted, it should have read:

    "Michael Owen - The New Cantor?"
  4. once_a_maverick

    once_a_maverick War Hero

    I cant give a link to a bloke in the office saying.

    "If Owen does go to United he will be the new Cantona. A bargain buy (ie £0.00) who does wonders for the club.2
  5. Lets hope Owen can improve on this dismal effort.

    "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea".

    Eric Cantona 1995.
  6. That and the 'kung-fu' kick!
  7. Dwarf

    Dwarf LE

    Aaaaah, philosophy and violence. What more can the thinking man require of a footballer?

    As to the story, this from nufc.com
    Bookmakers are making Michael Owen odds-on to be playing at Old Trafford next season after Manchester United emerged ahead of Stoke and Hull for the striker's signature.

    It's a surprise development but one of very little relevance to Newcastle United - Owen now being a free agent - but the sooner we can draw a line under the Owen saga the better.

    Shows that The mancs have not had the success in the transfer market that they wanted.
  8. Can't say I be too worried about signing Owen for 'nowt but playing fees' . Its certainly going to be an interesting one, Fergie has hardly been unsuccessful in Bringing out the best in players deemed past their best .... Sheringham, Cantona, Larson... at least if he gets injured he'll be good company for Hargreaves
  9. gladimout

    gladimout Old-Salt

    Cantona was 25 when he moved to Utd - hardly an old man and certainly not past it or a has been!!
    Michael Owen is 29 and is injured for 6 months of the season - not the making of a legend! Leg-end maybe!!
  10. He still plays better than you when knackered. (and earns more :p )
  11. gladimout

    gladimout Old-Salt

    This is true, his mrs is fitter than mine too.

    Some barstewards have all the luck :x
  12. Personally I'm glad hes fcuked off! 58 games in four years? Fcuking sicknote.
  13. ASKINQs

    ASKINQs Clanker

    Couldnt have put it better myself mate
  14. loaded_not_ready

    loaded_not_ready Old-Salt

    Fergie will get the best out him, and he will play his guts out. I always thought he would end up at The Theatre of Dreams. I could not for the life of me understand why he even bothered to go to a second rate bunch of no marks like NUFC.