Michael O'Reilly - AKA Navy Dave - R.I.P.

Wasn't sure which section to put this in, but felt to inform those old HCMR members this could be best, apologies if you feel it's in the wrong place

Just for those who served in HCMR (and maybe a few of the Footguards knew of him)
Sadly to say that good old "Navy Dave" passed away. I found out via FB yesterday. A legend of Horse Guards parade with his Spokey Dokeys, Bino's and little "Hello Boys" waves. Seen mostly in tight tennis shorts and a jumper, shouting the guard commanders name and blowing kisses at him! I don't know how long he was creating havoc around Horse Guards for, but I know it was the majority of the 90's and possibly in to the 2000's.

A man who has probably created hundreds, if not thousands of photographs of Troopers and the ranks above laughing out loud while on duty.

He'll be sorely missed I think by any poor Trooper that he gave that look to!!!

Rest in peace Michael.
A.k.a Gay Michael. He was still around when I was up town in 2010, and according to duty rumour he was at Queen's Life Guard (or had at least rung them) the day before his death.

I always liked telling him the name of my oppo and that he was a bit confused if he liked blokes or lasses best, cue gay Michael mincing off after him trying to chat my oppo up for the rest of our stag.
I was 2 CG, living in Chelsea Bks between 90 - 96. I also remember him turning up to a Saturday morning guard mount from Horse Guards, with 1000s of tourists watching, shouting his head off, legendary.........
Michael used to hang around Duke of York's HQ too. I worked there between 1989 & 2002, & he often stopped by the main gate when it was on the King's Road in the 90s. In the early years he had a Shar-Pei dog which he called Caesar, but I think after a few years the dog developed arthritis & had to be put to sleep. He didn't seem to come round so much after that. He was always quality entertainment, I remember him turning up at the Dukes one day wearing silver cycling shorts, a puffer jacket & a pink feather boa with his usual greeting of "Hello Sweetie!". As he minced in through the gate, he clocked a young TA bloke coming in at the same time who visibly shrank away from him in horror. Michael never could resist a challenge like that, & he announced in a loud voice "It's all right darling, I'm not going to bum you!".
He also hung about the gate of Chelsea Bks for a fortnight once watching the Irish Guards practising for the Trooping, & allegedly at the end of the rehearsals the officers invited him into the Mess for a drink. Apparently they got him absolutely shitfaced, & poured him into a cab to take him home which they also paid for.
Never a dull moment with Michael around. Rest In Peace.
I think I remember the dog - didn't he ride around with it in his basket?! He knew who he could target, just like any good squaddie!
Wasn't the dog called Ceaser? I remember him shouting "sgt major can I play with your soldiers?" through the fence at Chelsea as the Micks waited for the Queen mum on Paddys day.
Someone totally unconnected with Michael once told me that Michael's father was an Air Commodore in the RAF, who was embarrassed by his son's lifestyle & paid him a large allowance to live a long way away & not show his family up. If that was true, it's quite sad really. It would certainly account for the fact that Michael never seemed to have a job to go to, & was prone to showing up at any of the Central London barracks at any time of day.
Michael was quite harmless really, he could be a pain sometimes but he was never malicious. Once you started talking to him it became apparent that he was quite well-connected & knew a lot of London gossip. For instance, Michael once let the cat out of the bag & revealed that a certain MP & ex-Minister liked a bit of back door action long before he was publicly outed........
Was he the one who got/paid lads to attend Parties (with uniform), heard a story about that on my consigs course, apologies if it werent him.
I remember him hanging around the front gates of Wellington barracks around 2005 when we were Nast there. Whole battalion on parade and he gave us his best "hello boys!" to be met with 400 micks replying " hello Michael!" in their best Alan Carr style voices.

I also remember being distinctly uncomfortable being chatted up by him whilst standing on barrack guard.

Someone once told me he had two fit as **** daughters. Brilliant character.

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