Michael Moores Sicko

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Opens tomorrow, should be worth a look.

    Whatever you think of him, its hard to argue with his central point that healthcare shouldnt be run for profit.


    Trailer looks funny, a Bush gaffe always gets things rolling!

    Edited to add trailer
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    But on the other hand, if run by the govt, everything is bought from the cheapest provider...
  3. True and there's no denying that the NHS is a vast money-grubbing black hole of an organisation.

    OTOH if you're jobless, penniless and, God forbid, come down with cancer or something, at least you know you'll be looked after.

    That's peace of mind you cant put a price on no?

    Across the pond I think you'd have to sell all your wordly possessions to fund treatment.
  4. Micheal Moore is an idiot who couldn't even complete college here in Michigan... A college system, BTW, that produces some who are barely literate. He's a sh1t stirrer... end of story... :roll:

    The system in America is basically run for profit, (there are some non-profit insurance systems but the majority are for profit). The crowning proof that "for profit" is far superior than a government run "single payer" system is Belinda Stronach, a good friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Belinda has held cabinet posts in the Canadian government and, when she recently contracted Breast Cancer, chose not to wait in the Canadian system but rather flew to California for an operation after being referred there by her Toronto doctor.


    The article tries hard to minimize the impact of this but the fact that the Canadian system was unable to do any surgery properly and in good time is quite telling. The fact that a Canadian doctor told her to do it is more telling and the fact that, as one of Canada's leaders and presumably with some influence, she chose to go to the US tell more.

    The comments from the canadians at the bottom of the article can be quite illuminating too...
  5. I've heard of a man in Alberta who has a ranch where American tourists go. This man had intestinal hernia, and had to wait 2 years in Canada before being operated. Fortunately for him, one of his tourist clients at the ranch was an American surgeon, who offered to operate him in exchange of the trip fare. I've also heard of a kid with a broken arm having to wait 10 (ten, that's right) hours in the emergency room before being looked at by a doctor. So Moore looses all credibility when he praises the Canadian system.
  6. Without sounding lefty - does anybody know if any of the communist countries have a good healthcare system in place, assuming that their healthcare systems are run not for profit?

    I'm expecting the answer to be no, but if anybody has any knowledge of this, it would be interesting to know.
  7. Doesnt Cuba have something in place, though just regarding eyecare?
  8. Cuba has an excellent system, and as a matter of fact many Canadians go there, and not only for eyes.

    Does my poppy show?
  9. Much private health insurance only works for short terms treatment. Private health care also cherry picks patients and operations. The NHS is proberly the best public service the UK offers.
    I would imagine that most tax payers would rather money spent on the NHS than most other public sector costs which provide the uk public with no benefit such as most of what the army does. Sure if the uk was threatend it would be money well spent but iraq afganistan might be good for a few finanical interests but not the greater good of the UK tax payer.
  10. No Mate
  11. Personally I find your continued support for those terror groups that kill members of HM Forces sick, sicko.
  12. Wonder what the waiting lists are like for lobotomies?
  13. I find people tend to compare the NHS or Canadian healthcare systems with the American private healthcare system. The big difference is that under the NHS everyone is 'in' the system.

    If you got no insurance in the USA, your fu*ked.

    Also don't forget you always have the option of private cover here as well.
  14. What ever the waiting lists are, that doesn't change the fact the you are a racist bigot that supports islamic terror groups who kill members of HM Forces.

    You are a filthy jihad walt that intends to bomb us non muslims off the transport system if we annoy you and your terrorist scum friends.
  15. Yet he's making thought provoking films. QED. Perhaps he did the best thing in dropping out of an education system that produces illiterates?

    Hopefully that's his next film. Thicko - so we can compare our woeful education system to the US's?