Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story

Discussion in 'US' started by Northern Monkey, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. I'm just watching this film for the first time. There's still 1/2 an hour left and it's late, so I'm a bit slow forming an objective opinion.

    I am keen to know what you Yanks made of it though...
  2. Although I am not a yank and I have not seen the stated program, I will give you my opinion. Micheal Moore may have some factual points, but he sensationalises things and puts points across as a hippy....in other words spends too much time trying to convince you he is right. He is also a fat.
  3. Michael Moore, Big Useless Fat ****** (BUFF) and whining lefty tosser. The only Yank I hate more than him is Hanoi Jane a traitorous bitch who should have been given a punch to the **** and then shot.
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  4. Personally I think he's probably about right.

    It's always hard to tell exactly because obviously he isn't going to come up with anything that disproves his points, but I've always regarded the US as being as corrupt and cruel as Africa in it's own way and this just reinforces my view.

    I confess I fell asleep during it but I do recall the following -

    A judge being paid thousands of dollars by a run-for-profit young offenders institution to jail as many children as possible so they could run at full capacity and make millions of extra dollars in profit.

    Somehow the judge left the home to determine the length of sentence, so kids he had sentenced to four months ended up staying for nine simply on the YOI's say so.

    Having broken the back of the airline pilots' union captains and first officers on internal flights- he used Continental Airlines as an example - are earning between USD16k and 20k while having to sell their blood/plasma or wait on tables to make their money up to a liveable amount.

    Large corporations, Proctor and Gamble for example, are taking out what they call 'Dead Peasant' life policies on their employees so every time one of them dies they trouser around 1.5m dollars.

    Marx maintained that capitalism contains the seeds of it's own destruction, and unless the above examples are bald lies then if you have a society which locks up children for money, pays even it's highest skilled workers poverty wages and then makes a big profit from their deaths then I think he has a point.

    Capitalism is like fire; if you control it - with a dash of socialism - it will cook your food and keep you warm.

    If you let it run free it will eventually destroy everything, including itself when it runs out of fuel.
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  5. Fixed that for you. I despise Michael Moore and wouldn't go to see any one of his movies unless the management of the theatre was going to burn him live first and serve the roast pig for an after-movie nosh.

    Have I said that his movies are misleading and (mostly) devoid of fact as well?