Michael Moore

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Hey, I'm launching a campaign to send as many copies of SSgt Plouhar's obituary to Michael Moore as possible. Here's the e-mail I sent to him

    Several arrsers have already sent their own

    His e-mail address is mmflint@aol.com
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    edited -action taken

    ps I agree with your sentiments
  3. Moore is an idiot, but the problem is that the US is so polarised with their two party system, no compromise between the Anne Coulter country and the Base ( the 10% of America fundamentally left wing.) Example: We had a lecturer from Washington University come into our school. He was an effeminate, gay, lecturer man from San fransisco who admitted to hugging trees, who didn't understand why "everyone hates americans because really we love you all" AND referred to Hilary Clinton as "SAINT HILARY"....phew

    as you were... DanDan
  4. Thanks for the email Chief. I've always admired the Great Man and will send him some hearty encouragement. We've been quite deprived of inspiration lately, and haven't seen much of the Great Man on our screens in these parts. I must be honest and say I do miss the regular instalments of TV Nation that graced our screens a few years ago. I suppose he's most likely moved onwards and upwards, being a deserving Oscar winner, and I assume will be spending time on the next important project. That's what I admire about the Great Man - he's got quite an engine, which I'm sure must be fuelled by the constant search for justice in the face of the hypocrisy and ignorance of bent politicians and their supporters.

    Once again, thanks Chief - your help is much appreciated.
  5. So, French person, what you think of Rush Limbaugh?

    Just thought I'd take a leaf out of Michael Moores book of cunning editing and misrepresentation for a moment there...:roll:
  6. Sent him email
  7. Oh...America's truth detector - who dodged the draft? Not a lot
  8. Sounds like half my city :p
  9. You couldnt possibly be swinging from the Great (BIG FAT) Man's nads that much. How utterly juvenile of you, to try to hurt someones feelings in such a way.
  10. I recently read "Michael Moore is a big fat stupid white man"

    While admiting to not being 100% impartial, it does show him up for the liar he is. Highly recomended

    He is scum
  11. 10 out of 10 for missing the point... perhaps the first line should have been "we asked French person what he thought of Rush Limbaugh, and this was his reply" to make it 250% blindingly obvious what I was doing there...
  12. Further: if the man had a valid point he wouldn't need to bully, misrepresent, edit speeches together so that they say something different, imply that things were said at a different time than they were, and generally being arrogant tw@t about it.

    The fact that he has to do all of these things and more to make his point at all is rather tragic. And yet certain sections of society lap it up because they so wish it to be true, and even if it's not, it doesn't really matter because "the message is correct anyway".
  13. stoatman edited

    stoatman You make a powerful point . Michael More is one of the worst of the at slanting his edits . All news has its edit and there is always going to some sort of slant. Even the selection of stories ,that are printied, is a edit . It is just best to have those providing the news to as transparent as possible, to the perspective they are coming from and to have as many perspectives as possible providing the news.
  14. Moore is a talentless little tosser who isn't so much a Film Maker, merely a purveyor of the worlds longest party political broadcasts. His campaigning for the Democrat Party proves his own biased credentials.

    If he wants to do some real film making, I suggest he gets his little fat arrse out on the ground with the grunts and sees whats really going on. Tosser!
  15. why not send the e-mails to Bush, it was him after all that sent this man and the other 2858 (to date) american men and women to their early graves in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moore didnt kill this bloke, he'd have died even if the film hadnt been made!

    its easier to pick on the fat bloke though isnt it? He may have edited the film to slant one way or another but theres still a lot of truth in there.