Michael Jaden "author", claims to be former 2nd Parachute Batt and 22 SAS?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by petergriffen, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. He wrote this book
    A Collision of Worlds 2012: An Unparalleled Quest for Power: Amazon.co.uk: Michael Jaden: Books

    Walt or what?.

    I got this book a ear or so ago from a different place to Amazon and there was no mention of his service.
  2. Is the book any good?
  3. Like Tom Clancy on steroids....Too over the top for me.
  4. did he go into detail about the field kitchens or compo menus?
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  5. I'd ask my pretend mate who knows a thing or two about 'balcony skills' but he's doing soimething in Greece at the moment.
    Be outraged anyway - you can always cancel it if it turns out to be in vane.
  6. If he's 44, that puts his DOB as 1967, which means he was 16 joining Para(?) in 83. Leaving in 2004 puts his service including boys service at 21yrs.. It would also possibly put his 22 service starting in 87, at the tender age of 20.. (not impossible, I know).
  7. Not outrage at all SM......I've no stake in this beyond curiosity.

    If he is real, fair enough if not he is not the first guy to tell porkies selling himself.
  8. I think the bio on Amazon is a few years old so he may be 46/47+ now.
  9. Fairy snuff, just needed an excuse to get my calculator out!