Michael Jacksons Blazer

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by WasMe, May 5, 2005.

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  1. Just been watching TV News (Thurs).

    MJ has just walked from court wearing a blazer with a blazer badge which looks like the RAMC badge.

    Please look and let me know if I am mistaken or which one of you sent him it as a good luck charm!

  2. he's innocent and I sent it to him as a good luck charm 8O

    Yeah right, hes fecking guilty and will go down......and then go down again on the daddy of the prison :twisted:
  3. It was in the papers last week I think, Wacko has taken to wearing British army Badges on his Blazers, a different one each day. Needless to say, many people are not amused!
  4. Why are you surprised that a man charged with interfering with the vulnerable has been seen wearing the Rob All My Comrades badge? Thousands of you get away with it daily!!
  5. yes but only with adults......no juniors involved.....unless ordered to do so :wink:
  6. I feel I have to take issue with the scandalous, nae scurrilous "Rob all my Comrades" slur.

    It is widely know that the a member of the RAMC would never in a month of Sundays do such a thing as "Rob all their Comrades".......we wisely limit "comrade robbing" to those who are too incapacitated through injury or illness to be able to chase us! :twisted:
  7. Ask a "Shorncliffe Survivor"!! :D
  8. And, of course, if you rob them all today, there's nothing left to rob tomorrow!

  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Do you need councilling?
  10. I used to teach the three W's for dealing with an unconscious casualty.

    take his Wallet
    Take his Watch
    Leave no Witnessess

    Personally I prefer Reprobates And Mental Cases.

    Or at woolwich Run Away Matrons Coming
  11. For some reason, I was once told it was RAMC backward:-

    Can't Manage A Rifle!

    I have no idea why????????????
  12. The recruiter told me it stood for "Royal Airborne Marine Commandos" thats why I joined. Imagine my suprise when I turned up at Keogh Bks to find a couple of Godfrey type people trying to teach me how to put someones arm in a sling ???

    Needles to say I felled them with a commando chop, joined the triangular bandages together to form a makeshift parachute and jumped off the railway bridge at the back gate and off to Aldershot and freedom.

    When I then turned up at Brownng Bks and asked them if I could have a go of that lovely Dakota thing I was felled by a paratroopers chop and woke up back at Keogh with a Field Dressing wrapped around my head.

    Never tried to escape again. :roll: :roll: