Michael Jackson, wrongful death?

It will test the contract between AEG and the good doctor

Remember that unlimited liability clause that is always the sticking point of negotiations..well, will see now if AEG contract department were told by the higher management that despite their warnings the contract was far too risky and should be signed but they HAD to have him at all costs.

I hope that them, like me, keep every email of shit poor management decisions which go against every bit of advice the professionals they hire give them and the governance they claim to promote as the shit rarely flows upwards.

That said, the doctor should pay for the untimely demise of that plastic faced cunt and his ever growing odd behaviour, it was only ever going to end in tears of laughter, unfortunately we were robbed of his humourous demise to pain killers rather than at the hands of an angry father or a devious sex act with a minor.


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... the same caring, sharing family that turned up his gaff when he died demanding to be let in so that they could look for money, you mean?
I was thinking more of the caring, sharing family whose father was interviewed on the day of the funeral and told the TV crew that he'd just started a new record label and it was a great business opportunity...


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