Michael Jackson was not a paedophile - honest!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AFA06, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. A painting commissioned by Michael Jackson in 1999 has just been revealed in a book about Jackson’s life. In the painting Jackson strikes the same pose as Michelangelo’s statue of David with rippling abs, bulging pecs and smooth, marble-white skin — surrounded by a bevy of young male cherubs.

    The work, by artist David Nordahl, is just one of hundreds of private portraits the Gloved One ordered up over the years that depict him in an idealized light.

    Repeat after me – Michael Jackson was not a paedophile. Michael Jackson was not a paedophile. Michael Jackson was not a paedophile.

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  2. Someone told me that the film of his rehearsals for his Millenium Dome residency was rated PG. Even after he's dead he can't be trusted to be alone with children!
  3. So what, he's dead.
  4. No he wasn't a paedo, but he was a great CO of 1 Para.
  5. Do you ever get invited to any parties? I mean ones with living people.
  6. Are there other sorts?
  7. That painting has not "just been revealed" into the public spotlight, it was featured both louis theroux's and martin bashirs documentaries with wacko.

    We all know he was a creepy bastard, but hes dead now so it doesnt matter.
  8. Personally I'm not sure he was. He just had an incredibly fucked up life thanks to never having a chance of a childhood himself.
  9. Isn't that the standard defence for paedophiles?
  10. No idea to be honest. I don't believe that he touched kids, he was just a good old fashioned weirdo. I don't think anyone can deny that his childhood was fcuked up either, his repeated plastic surgery and his desire to act like a child were both caused by it for a start.

    I also know that if some fella had been diddling my child it would have taken a lot more than a big cheque to make the court case stop.
  11. Bollocks! I don't deny that his childhood wasn't 'conventional' but the rest of his brothers are not seriously fucked in the head and Michael wasn't even the youngest, Randy was and he doesn't touch children. (that I am aware of)

    To say that he never had a childhood is nonsense. It may not have been the same as others but he still had one.

    I liked the guys music but he was a freak, his 'desire to act like a child' isn't normal, I think it was a ploy to act like a child mentally so that he could touch children and not be regarded as a peado! Their hairless ballsacks being the same age that he thought himself.

    He bucked the trend by wanting to be white, it's normally the other way round with the common wigga walking around with his jeans pulled halfway down uttering phrases like 'brap brap' wearing his bodyweight in Elizabeth dukes finest and acting like a tool.

    In essence - Wacko Jacko was a confused, black/white, child molesting musical legend.
  12. He was? What went wrong?
  13. Quite tasteful. Anyone know where I can get a 2'-4' print?
  14. When was the conviction?
  15. You'll be wanting proof and a fair trial next. You're probably a pedo yourself.