Michael Jackson - RGJ??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. If the Paras have a "Jacko", so should the RGJ.
    Shame the Paras bagsied first...
  2. My prediction is that if he comes to believe that he's likely to be convicted, he'll either commit suicide or find a way to leave the country. If he chooses the latter, how welcome will he be in the UK?
  3. He was a trog first. He was spotted wearing an RCT badge ages ago.
  4. I thought the RLC rejected him
  5. I think he'd transfered to the Cav today. He does get around a bit.

    I'm sure the RGJ would welcome him...?
  6. more cap badges than Prince Charles...
  7. VVV

    I think he has already turned donkey walloper. Todays Metro, I gather, shows him wearing a Cav badge.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    I'd like to think he'd die, but I don't reckon he's got the guts to top himself.
  9. Dont get splinters now Cutaway, that fence sitting can be bad for your health
  10. How touching. We simply must invite him over to view our collection of regimental shovels. Very closely. :twisted:
  11. Typical that the US Media who splash his photo about at every opportunity haven't picked up on or questioned what the ' emblems' on his various jackets are/mean and how he might have 'earned' those ...

    More fantasy from the King of Fantasyland...Jacko couldn't qualify for the Girl Guides..wouldn't pass the medical ...even if he's closest to them in physical/mental abilities...
  12. Bravo,

    This was a very naughty trick to play on an old Greenjacket Major; completely ruined my pair of "Depends", and nurse had just told me that this pair was going to have to last me until the end of May.

    Still, I'd rather see him wearing our capbadge than certain Colonels who will remain nameless (You know who you are, you two-faced, lying cowardly Canadian SOB!)

    Quick Matron - the screens!!!

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  13. I agree with previous poster. I reckon wacko will top himself in some bizzare way soon after being sent down. We should set two polls here:

    1. Can you pick the method of topping? (my bet is choked on detatchable nose)

    2. How soon after being sent down? (my bet is within 2 weeks)
  14. RTFQ


    RGJ are doing quite well on the celebrity stakes, first Adam Ant, now Jacko. Who's next do you reckon?