Michael Jackson is he or isnt he ???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sarge, Jun 4, 2005.

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  1. So the jury is out but the question still remains is he or isn't he a kiddie fiddler or is he really as innocent as he looks???

    My personal thoughts are that he is guilty as fcuk, how can you live in total ignorance of the rules of today in the current climate surrounding peadophiles.

    Hopefully the people will not be swayed the wrong way but do the right thing and sort him out.
  2. He's blatently a raving paedo. Most media superstars consider themselves above the law. He should go away for a long time.
  3. If he isn't guilty of molesting children, he's certainly guilty of exercising extremely poor judgment and has, to some extent, brought this case upon himself. Having been previously accused of child molestation, wouldn't the sensible course of action have been to avoid placing oneself in a position where one might be accused of the same thing again? Perhaps he's just very naive. Perhaps he is a paedophile, but hasn't molested or assaulted any children. Then again, he might be guilty as hell.

    Unlike the jury, I haven't seen all the evidence or been able to judge the witnesses (or Jackson) face-to-face.

    My gut feeling is, they'll find him not guilty of child molestation, but guilty of some of the minor offences, such as administering alcohol to a minor.
  4. You'd be amazed. From very limited experience in "handling" Hollywood types (and the stories of a couple of friends that work in "high-level" PR :roll: ) I can tell you that it's a very selective world in a lot of these peoples' heads. Nothing you didn't know, right? But the extent of it can defy belief.

    It's not necessarily that FreakMan didn't know it's wrong to, at the very least, sleep alone with little boys — feckin' Christ, everyone KNOWS that —but he's lived in this strange little world for so long! Imagine being billed as a living legend...making more money than God....having hundreds of people treating you like their own golden-egg-laying goose...and not being too well-connected to reality in the beginning? That's a recipe for disaster.

    People like Michael Jackson have this special ability that you or I don't have: the ability to remove from his environment anybody that doesn't agree with him. As he's estranged from his family, and has always been an odd duck, he was completely isolated. The only people he's had around him are paid employees. God knows how much money was being passed around, but clearly enough for his handlers to be total bootlicking syncophants. "Oh, yes, Mr. Jackson, it's perfectly normal to take little boys on vacation and sleep in the same bed with them! After all, your intentions are good, you've said so yourself!" Slowly a wholly unnatural activity is rationalized, almost encouraged if it keeps him happy. Everyone involved convinces themselves that it's not really what it looks like, as well. If there's evidence to the contrary, well, let's just look the other way because who'd support you? He can ignore the larger world because it doesn't really exist for him. Nobody mentions pedophilia and slowly he forgets that this is a real aberrance, with real legal consequences.

    Anyone that throws up a red flag is fired, and paid off if possible. That guy's settled enough unlawful-firing cases to finance a small California school district. I'm sure the only reason he's not still being coddled is because he's clearly unable to produce any more hits. It's nauseating.

    (Edited to add that the pimp-a$$ moneygrubbing parents who let him have free rein of their young sons should be shot.)
  5. Slags goin dahn...(in more ways than one I expect :twisted: )
  6. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator


    burn him!! :twisted:
  7. For someone made of plastic, don't think it'll be a problem :D

    Personally I think he's guilty - sleeping in the same bed naively with all them boys and his hand don't wander during the night? Yeerrr right. I read in one paper that he should get a year for supply alki to a minor at least. But the evidence on abuse is slightly weaker than the defence - cannot see the jury doing him for it. Unfortunately.
  8. Guilty from what I've seen so far and going down...

    Would be nice to see some of the hired help and some of the parents who allowed it to go on in court with him. They are as guilty as him by not stopping it.
  9. IF HE GETS OF THIS FCUKER .......AGAI HIM !!!!!!!
  10. Yes but when there is money around then you can buy protection, shame Michael is running out of it.
  11. I know plenty of people have been in court swearing what a great guy he is and how they slept with him unmolested, but he's not being tried with molsting them.

    Imagine throwing a dinner party for 12 guests, murdering one of them and then the other eleven trooping into court to relate what a great guy you are, fantastic dinner parties and how you've never tried to murder them! Somebody should have told this to Macauley Caulkin.
  12. Yes but it doesn't matter if you famous as long as you have the money you can do what the fcuk you like. just remember one thing, OJ Simpson did that in the late nineteys and now look at him, sitting on piles of cash and not in jail!!!
  13. Owwwwwwwww... Go Down! :lol:
  14. He's as guilty as OJ & as likely to be convicted :x
  15. I regret - unlikey to be convicted of the kiddie-fiddling. But (to my tiny diseased mind), guilty as fcuk!

    Who the hell sleeps with little boys and then expects the world to believe it was innocent?