Michael Howards immigration plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Jan 24, 2005.

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  3. he is a lying fcuker as soon as he is in power he won't do a thing!

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  1. this something everybody has been saying for years , only now The Tories is putting together a policy of dealing with immigration. wonder why Labour didn't do anything, oooh yeas thats right they have a LARGE majority so no more vote winning policy is needed :roll:
  2. He'll be labbeled racist, by blair and kennedy and lose. I'm for it, and also anyone sneaking in should be binned back to where they snuck in from.
  3. BBC said the other day that this was one area they hoped wouldn't get too battered by the Tories. After all the various spokesmen and women had finished the Beeb mentioned that Labour were in a mess because they hadn't got a coherent policy (only where Romania was concerned it seems?!) and they didn't want to place the race card too early. The Home Office witch, Beverley Whats'ername fell on her sword (was made to) because her boss the man with the dog and beard, was trying to cut too many corners under instructions. The present Govt. has no leg to stand on here - illegals, asylum seekers and of course that plane load of Afghanis in 2000!
    Good on Howard - now to persuade the electorate that this is a going concern. Next, concentrate on everything else - Death duties...etc, etc
  4. Funny how he's now just progressing with this idea just as some campaign 'expert' tells him that he lost the election already. Sounds like a desperate act of jumping on the bandwagon to me. :roll: Don't think it will impress much people - I can't see it working.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I'd love to vote Tory but they aint the party they used to be and are IMHO nearly unvotable!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    If the great unwashedlike the idea, NuLaybar will have in in their manifesto, before you can say' party political broadcast'.

  7. Mark this date in history!

    It is the start of the return of the conservative party we once knew and loved.

    As per usual, the labour and liberals reply with the race card and say it unworkable. I like the fact that tony blair was unwilling/unable to condem the proposals on their contents and possible outcomes, merely that he didnt think the tories could finance them with their proposed slash to the wasteful spending by government. Brilliant :D

    Unsurprisingly, all of the immigration advocates (refugee groups, legal aid lawyers, human rights groups) seemed more than willing to play the race card and call it completely racist and immoral. Not only this but the spin unsubstantiated lies to try and discredit the plans. Does anyone wonder why they are always the forst to slam any alteration to the current immigrration fiasco? Whenever i hear a political statement like this, i immediately think "who gains from this?", and this time its obvious.Could it be because they have a vested interest in preserving the flow of refugees in order to justify their jobs and depts finances? :twisted:

    I personally think they should fight the election on six basic principles

    1.To reform the law and punishment system so that people feel that justice is being done and not appeasing the criminal element

    2. Assylum (as above)

    3. Reform the health service so that it is efficient and one of the best in the world. Wether this involves some privatisation (in terms of ancilliary services and not frontline), is up to them.

    4 Reform the education system so that it produces students with 'real exam results' skills relevant to the real world and not flimsy academic university qualifications.

    5 To reinvest in the armed forces after years of under-investment (by both parties) and once more make them one of the best fighting forces in the world.

    6. To completely review government spendings and to make the government far more efficient by getting rid of the numerous layers of local government that are NOT needed and have been created to make the government a far more powerful influence on peoples everyday life. See £35billion savings mentioned previously by the tories.

    Anyone wanna join my party? :twisted:
  8. You might have loved them, for me and the majority of the public vote think that they're a bunch on no hopers with a very limp manefesto. Howard as PM :?:
    If he wins I'll show my Arrse on the town hall steps :

    Lab win
    Libs Second
    Torys Last
  9. I look forward to photographing your dangleberry encrusted hairy arrse :twisted:

    As for that, are you taking the urine? Limp wristed liberals 2nd? I would like to think that the nations is not THAT Fecked up! A poll on suday shows that 55% of the people asked did not have a clear idea about what the libs stand for. Could that be because they dont stand for anything? They just flip flop from issue to issue not making any worthwhile and solid contribution to the debate :roll:
  10. It would appear that Howards plans are 'illegal' anyway, according to todays Telegraph, so the whole thing is academic. Perhaps he should have consulted our euromasters first to save himself the embarrasment.
    Can anyone doubt that we are no longer a sovereign nation? How can these Westminster IDIOTS not be aware of how much sovereignty has been given away to Brussels? What are these useless spineless wasters actually doing as our elected reps - apart from betraying us all?
  11. In other words, tony blair and his pro european cohorts have sold us down the river. Thanks to them, no longer do we have the power to decide who or how many people we take into our country. it is dictated to us by some unelected power wielding european representative. :roll:
  12. Brussels have given Howards idea the thumbs down!

    B*liar and the drunken ginga have (all but) called him a racist!

    Trevor Philips has called him a racist!

    You should always judge someone by their enemies, so i'm voting Tory :D
  13. Agent Smith agreeded with you apart from health service privatising
    cleaner and other ancilliries just made bad services worse .PFI is a crap idea must be why new labour like it so.
  14. Point of Order, M'Lud. The Iron Lady signed the Single European Act 8O
  15. Personally I think it is an excellent policy and we should take a leaf from the French (and the rest of Europe) and simply ignore any EU legislation that we dont like. Going one step better we should shift all the illegals back over to France and see how they like it. :twisted: