Michael Howard quizzed in honours probe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Now why would Michael Howard (former QC and very far from being a fool) take to the airwaves to announce that he has been quizzed by police?

    Is the questioning of another political party leader imminent? :twisted:


  2. Well, they're hardly going to risk it after dark, are they?
  3. Now wiping tea off my screen :D
  4. According to the Guido Fawkes blog, a certain Jonathan Powell is thought to have been interviewed under caution. The PMOS (photo below) tied himself in knots trying to avoid giving a straight answer to a straight question.

    We know who is next to be quizzed. :twisted:

    I agree that Bliar is unlikely to be charged ( :x ) but his closest minions are in grave danger and that may well make his position untenable (sleaziest PM since Lloyd George, who had better luck with his war).



  5. If Labour minions are to be charged then so are Tories and Lib Dems.

    I personally see this as going nowhere
  6. Sven, you must be gutted to realise that this is gaining momentum and Dear Tony will be getting an assist on exit!
  7. The essential difference is that, whereas the Tories and Lib Dems may well have desired cash (or loans) in return for peerages, the only party in a position to directly benefit from such an exchange is the party in power. We all know who has ultimate approval over ennoblement of benefactors, sorry worthy individuals. Interestingly, the party is so replete it has apparently sent out a mailshot without bothering to pay for the postage....

    According to the Times, Jonathan Powell has been quizzed twice!


    Who will be the b!tch - Powell or Levy? They can take turns! :twisted:

    Jonathan Powell - "Finger Fcuker"
    "Lord" Levy - "The Receptacle"

  8. Why "minions" Sven? The people ALREADY arrested and/or under investigation are hardly minions. Indeed, they are quite large fish. I doubt Lord Levy would be too impressed with the tag "minion", do you? Are you suggesting that guilt is evident, and it's now just a 'game' to see how high they have to go to find a sacrificial scapegoat?

    And why, please tell, should Tories and Lib Dems be similarly charged? Are you trying to suggest they have received some of the Labour 'loans' as backhanders.

    It may well be that Tory and Lib Dems received 'loans' which were in fact 'donations' that they were trying to 'hide'. However, that is a matter for the PSC not the Met. Labour grandees are being quizzed on a possible criminal charge, not malpractice of 'standards'.

    The police seem to think different.