Michael Fuller entering "Race" for Met job ?

Here is his pitch:


I have today emailed the Chief Executive of Kent Police Authority asking him to record today's date as that of extending the current complaint process, against Cllr William Hayton, to Chief constable Michael Fuller.

I have also written to Mr Gilmartin that, on a strict interpretation of Common Law Obligations on loyal subjects, I should lay a Common Law Information of Treason naming Michael Fuller.

Although this following comment is not central to the matters at issue in Kent, I feel angry that Fuller has just indulged in a cynical circular argument. He has been, in my view, preventing Kent inquiries which would cast doubt on Robert Aylings handling of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry (Ayling former deputy Chief constable of Kent). Ayling is currently investigator for the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry who could be charged with the duty of investigating his former Chief constable David Philips who deployed to and left the Rosemary Nelson murder inquiry in short order.

Fuller seems to me to be secretly propping up the flimsy Stephen Lawrence Inquiry springboard that represents a good way for his next leap in office.

Still expecting us to somehow not notice that Stephen Lawrence never got justice ? To give him justice we may have to recognise that this was not a racist murder but a racist murdered. Better justice be done, and truth cease to be a casualty, than continue to treat a myth as if it is reality (Institutionalized racism)


Erm - Any chance of explaining this one?


Treason???? So you're saying that he has 'waged war' against or given 'aid and comfort to the enemies of' the Queen? Or possibly shagged the wife or daughter of a member of the Royal Family. I don't see it myself, although maybe you have information I haven't got access to?
Rant, rant, rant. All aboard the Outrage bus! :D

Next stop - social equality for all and Utopia :roll:
knocknee has a problem with Fuller.

(S)he's made that clear more than once on ARRSE. However, I don't recall her/him ever explaining what the problem is. All (s)he does is bang on about what (s)he is writing to this or that organisation and to catalogue all Fuller's allaged misdemeanors.
Then I suggest he continues his expose elsewhere.


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