Michael Caine

In the mid sixties, Michael Caine was hosting the swingingest hippest party in London. Any one and everyone who was on the London scene was there - the Beetles tripping on LSD, Dusty Springfield snogging her latest girlfriend, Jim Morrison strumming away "Light My Fire" on the sofa, the Stones sharing Marriane Faithful: they were all there........

Anyway, about 10 ish, night still very youg, Jim Morrison gets up, wanders over to Caine and says he's leaving because he's had a hard week and its time for bed. To which, Michael says "you got to stay mate - this is the biggest party in London - everyones here"

"No mate, I just want to get home and read a book" says Jim,

"Tell you what", says Michael, how about you go upstairs with one of the girls and have some fun - maybe that'll wake you up".

To which Morrison replies, "only if I can take the band with me"......so off they go..........

About an hour later, Mick Jagger thinks to himself, I wonder where my mate Jim Morrison is and goes upstairs looking for him. On opening a bedroom door, he finds a dishevelled honey, spunk dribbling down her chin and Jim and the band looking smug. Jagger thinks to himself, "I'll have some of that", whips out his cock and the girl starts to pleasure him.

Just as Jagger is thinking about coating the girls throat with his man paste, Michael Caine burst in, graps the girl by the hair, pulls her off Jagger and gives her a slapping, shouting......

"How many times do I have to tell you........

Wait for it.........

"Your only suppose to blow the bloody doors off"
That one made my day! :highfive:

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