Michael Bentines Potty Time

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by cromach, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Having moved onto the third bottle of nice red, I felt a sudden desire to revisit my youth. I googled "Michael Bentine's Potty Time" only to find that you could only get the 1st series. :x

    Truly a series many years ahead of its time. If only it was around now :twisted:


    Sorry, the only link I could find

    Anyone got any ideas where I can get the others??
  2. kin hell - I'd forgotten about that slice of lunacy :D
  3. Sobered up a bit from Fri so realised I should've put a better title in - hope this okay!

    ANyone got any ideas on this?

  4. An interesting character.

    Michael Bentine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I also came across this old article BBC NEWS | In Depth | Iranian embassy siege | The cult of the SAS

  5. Are you sure about the Typhoid? I once heard him talk about his wartime career flying cargo planes followed by the finest joke in the history of humour.

    "I lost my licence after crashing four aircraft. The RAF had to stop me becoming an Ace in the Luftwaffe."
  6. I remember seeing him on a chat show - Parky? - when he talked about his stammer, and begin taught to talk with 'a swing and a rhythm and a pause and a run' - you had to see it, but s stays with me even 20 years later. A very funny man.

    Further to his shooting, I seeem to remember he was also a ballistics consultant to Scotland Yard?
  7. Very much a multi-dimensional man. As so many of his generation and earlier were. Sadly fewer of us are of the same mettle.

  8. I knew of this gent through his 'It's a Square World' tv series and also my dad was a big listner of THe Goons radio series in those times. I met him when he arrived on a military visit in 1972 and helped him unload a collection of small arms weapons from his vehicle.
    I'd say the jury is out ref his 'influence' on the early Pagoda team, however he was some pistolero.

    I surmise that his 'actual' work in the Intelligence world will remain under wraps for another generation to come. I also recall on his visits that he was obviously distressed at the loss of Gus in the Cessna accident. It begged the question on how a light aircraft can disappear in radar covered England and take two months to find. He was especially annoyed to learn from a tracker that the accident site had been visited on two occasions previous to the find being reported.

    A lovely man, RIP
  9. In one of the documentaries about him (or featuring him) there was footage of him on the pistol range, running through some sort of combat pistol practice. The starting position was him crouched 90o to the target lane; he'd then do the 90o turn in a sort of jump, and engage the target with two shots; he'd then jump back to the original position and repeat. Can't imagine this would have gone down well with a modern RCO.... LOL. Possibly an old Fairburn pistol practice or similar. Pistol appeared to be a GP35, and I believe it was filmed on an MoD range where he was either demonstrating to or even training a squad - plod or Army.

    Love that bit in the obituary:

    "During the Second World War, he tried to enlist in the Royal Air Force, but was refused because of his non-British father. While waiting for the RAF to relent, he toured the West Country, playing drums and clowning in a small travelling circus, and acted in Pinero's Sweet Lavender and Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Merchant of Venice. After a performance as Lorenzo in the last, he was mistakenly arrested as an RAF deserter and dragged away, still in costume.

    He later wrote: "I was the only British serviceman to be arrested in doublet and hose for 400 years.""
  10. Never heard of that. Are you able to give a little more info' ?

  11. Yup that's correct. If you look at the start of the Sean Connery 'Bond' films, it's a somewhat similar style less the flailing arm factor.
  12. It would be churlish to discuss a conversation in a closseted environment at the time. I would only add, there were issues surrounding the Cessna 'accident' if indeed it ever was as described. Mike never accepted that it was.
  13. Bentine was a genius.

    Can anyone also remember The Telegoons.....

    a puppet version of the Goons?

    It was criminal that the BBC wiped out so many historic programmes to recover the silver from the tapes.

    I seem to remember a story of Milligan's, that the rest of the team got fed up with Bentine's claims to be good at just about everything, so plotted to set him up.... one of his claims was to be a superb swordsman, so they invited an ex- Olympic fencer along, the subject of fencing came up, rapiers were produced.......

    In a few minutes, Bentine had him pinned against the wall.