Michael Ancram: "...while we still can."

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. He is absolutely right

  2. He is rather right

  3. He is wrong but his position is constuctive

  4. He is absolutely wrong.

  5. The only right position is mr.Blair's one

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/4929180.stm

  2. Firstly i must say i did not read the link so i apologise if this makes me seem foolish,

    on the point that Britain should "not take sides between Sunnis and Shias" i would say i agree on the point that we should pull out i strongly disagree, for one reason, the fact that the US, UK et al pull out after GW1 was unforgivable in my eyes and i believe it was done by the forces for purely selfish political reasons. The situation that 'we' left the Iraqis in was terrible and as i am sure many would agree, and those Iraqis that rose up against Saddam and he party paid heavily as we withdrew. This made the operation this time round that little bit harder as the trust of the Iraqi people had to be regained, therefore it is morally wrong to leave again before the job is done, and Bush tells us that this is a moral war. While i would love to see all the forces return home and Iraq prosper as a utopian nation i see this as never being the case. I think that a six monthly or there about vote should be held on whether or not western forces should pull out if they vote us out in the first or any subsequent vote then we should full withdraw, even if they then change their mind it should be a case of to late you told us to go. The case the press (by this i mean the press i have looked at) put across seems to me to state that the Iraqi people no longer want us there, therefore this system would see the forces withdraw by the end of the year, and give a definite 'job done' feeling.

    more probable BS from your friendly neighbourhood I_G
  3. If British forces were pulled out then the place would implode. Anyone with any experience (operational or not) of the current situation in Iraq would say the same.

    "But Mr Ancram, former shadow foreign secretary and deputy Conservative leader, said: It is time now for us to get out of Iraq with dignity and honour while we still can."

    Since when was our 'Dignity and honour ' in danger of being lost exactly. It still amazes me that politicians like this man can sit and commentate from the comfrot of their armchair about 'dignity and honour'. If politicians like this guy had any dignity/honour, they would wind their neck in, get a f*cking grip of themselves and get behind the troops until such time as they are withdrawn and stop using Iraq as a political vehicle. Cheers easy!
  4. Thank you for your expressing of your opinion. Indeed politicians send others to the death sitting in comfortable armchairs. Namely mr.Ancram was one of the most enthusiastical supporters of the war. Moreover he blamed those that opposed it.


    What about his own standards?
  5. if there is a change of government in USA due to GWB unpopularity and the new govt want to withdraw asap, we would be forced to follow suit as we don't have enough staff to cover the gap and a big gap it is.
  6. There is no such thing as an Arab Democracy and there never will be.
  7. Straight to the point PointSevenSixTwo and totally true . If we leave now or in 20 years the same thing would happen and that’s all out civil war. Middle eastern countries don’t want Equal opportunities , freedom of speech , equal rights for women. They want oppression, and control.

    We should be outta there sooner rather than later, we have done what the mandate required, we have proved and found fook all WMD.

    However one point I would like to make is why do British Soldiers not get a 10 % discount on petrol costs. As far as I’m concerned we should our ID card at Petrol stations and get a discount as I think we have earned it ………
  8. Can't agree with you guys I'm afraid, we have been discussing this on another thread.

    Iran is the only real example at present off a democracy working in the arab world.

    However, I do agree that a working democracy is virtually impossible in Iraq due to its differing ethnic groups, I would personally suggest breaking up Iraq into these groupings - completely unviable obviously (Turkish won't accept a Kurish state, Sunnnis with probably want to join Iran and who wants the Shias to have all the oil wealth (most of its in their ethic homeland))

    The only way of keeping the country together in the medium term is the same way that Saddam did it, by force, and thats us.
  9. 307

    307 War Hero

    Don't you mean Shiites would want to join Iran?
  10. You are quite right, you have my apologies. I'm mixing my Sunnis with my shiites.

    Iran is a mainly a Shiite country and have close ties with the Shiite south of Iraq.
  11. In more ways than one?! :D

    Thought I'd get that one in before someone else did!