MiB Is Disgusted With God!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maninblack, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I bought two white wrist bands for the kids (I did my bit) , Bono played some songs in Hyde Park (He did his bit) yet all the little brown babies are still starving.

    God didn't do his bit and I think he let the side down.
  2. Do you mean to say that a bit of plastic round your wrist and listening to some pop stars made no difference I cant believe it I wonder if any one saw that happening.
  3. lot of charity money is taxed to the death, cuts taken for managemnts, bills, admin costs etc , a small amount is left over to give to the poor and they get robbed by corrupt governments in Africa.
  4. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    But Semper, you failed to understand the miracle of Bono.
  5. These things don't happen overnight!

    The Africans probably haven't got round to planting their magic beans yet :D
  6. why the hell are we sending them food and money? Shouldn't we be sending moving lorries so they can move to where the food is?

    Just a thought and not my own really Sam Kinison came up with that one in the 80's
  7. Not as outlandish as you might have thought. Well obviously not moving the population, but the lorries would be useful.

    When I was in Africa about 10yrs ago, a large aid donation went to waste, literally, because we didn't have the transport infrastructure to get it out into the outlying areas of the region.
    All I would have needed was a 4-wheel drive vehicle, a portable fridge and a small emergancy generator but nobody asked me what would be most use on the ground

    I have no doubt this still goes on and that's what makes me angry in regards to charities.

    If you're going to give, give to charities that actually work in the locality, and give a regular amount via direct debit so the charity can rely on it.
  8. Then why are you disgusted with God? or is Bono your God?
  9. *cue cheesy phone hold muzak*

    "Thank you for calling God. Your call has been placed in a queue and will be answered by the first available angel. To help speed up your call please following the instructions. If you are calling about Africa press 1. If you are calling about Iraq press 2. If you are calling about North America press 3. If you are calling to confess your sins on your deathbed press 4. If you are calling to see how the Pope is doing press 5. To speak to the operator directly press 666. To hear these options again press 0. God bless you."

    *cue cheesy hold muzak*

    edited due to someone pointing out to me I had made a typo....most humbly sorry
  10. I think the blacks in africa are on a free ride, so what some of them die, and Bono does his bit, If they are really that hungry why aint they eating there own dead? Thats what they done in the true film alive, so why aint that happening in africa, Bunch of freeloaders mooching gits!
  11. Bono's doing miracles?!?!? Can he cure my rash?
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    St Bono of Dublin can cure all ills......you just have to believe in his divine power....just like he does.
  13. spend the money on a big fuel air bomb,paint it white with a big red cross on it,shove it out the back of a herc,and as all the scrounging gits flock underneath it to get their "aid" BOOOM job done,finish off with liberal smatterings of 7.62 and a job well done,a lot cheaper and a sure end to the problem,i would even volunteer to shove it out myself
  14. can he also bring my Virginity back ?