Miami Showband murders

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bohs_man, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. There was a story going around at the time that the band were members of the IRA or had IRA sympathies, in fact there was never any truth to these allegations . The reason why they were killed was that they were Catholics from the Irish Republic, in the eyes of the loyalists murder gangs being Catholic was enough to get you murdered ie being Catholic equated to being in the IRA, which is indeed a load of bollocks. That useless lump of shit known as Robin Jackson was the leader of the gang that was responsible for this massacre, he died a painful death from cancer a few years back ..........natural justice, what comes around goes around.

    Glenanne gang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. People just got sick of hearing 'Copa Cobana'.
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  3. How amaziing, 1965, back from 2 years in Bahrain I spent 10 days in Dublin
    with a girlfriend, I eve3n used my new army green case as luggage.

    On the plane 'Are you in the army?'

    A cracking night out dancing featuring The Miami Showband, who could play
    modern and then the traditional 'Mother Mcgiinties goat' and the like, which
    scared me when they struck up and everyone yahoo0d.

    The Miami showband brought out a top seller at the time 'Wishing it were you.'

    as he was stood waiting to marry the wrong girl.

    I remember it was banned by The Pope.

    Without googling all were slaughtered except the drummer who was not
    a Catholic.

    I never went back. Where are you now Mona? she would be now 73.
  4. I quite liked Gloria Estefan too
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  5. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I remember it. You are quite right about the nonsense of sympathies. The group was very careful to stay very neutral both in their choice of cover songs and opinions. They weren't all Catholics, at least two members were Protestant. It was apparently sufficient that they were from the South, a mixed group, popular and getting along very well. An early member quit over playing in the North, not for political reasons, but because he was terrified that they would all be killed. Hind sight being what it is, he was right. The stupidity of it all.

    The exercise of terror killings in NI tended to fall within several well established areas. Most of the Glenanne Gang's activities fall within the assassination format of the so-called second (anarchist) and third waves (political) (c.f., Rappaport et al). The Miami band killing had overtures of our current fourth wave, as the integration and harmony of the mixed group was apparently as much a factor as their being from the South. It was also apparently part and parcel of the gaining position, credibility and advantage within the NI terror community through "successful" actions. In this instance due to the bands cross community popularity, they failed. They were the Irish version of the Beatles in following and interest.

    Its important to remember that there are always four audiences in a terror campaign: a) the authority they are discrediting/destabilizing b) the general public they wish to influence (positively or negatively) c) other competing terror groups and d) their own cadres. Success is defined by accomplishment within any of those four areas.

    The seriously flawed investigation from the time is a great pity on many levels.
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  6. If I remember right, wasn't it a case of the roadblock killers trying to smuggle a bomb into the republic by means of the bands van and it all going tits up when it went off early resulting in them shooting the band?
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  7. Yeah, it was meant to look like an own goal.
  8. Spot on, thats what happened, Criozier and McDowell were arrested due to forensic evidence, they squealed the heap and were given 35 years. Filthy bastards to give the British Army a bad name like that..